Building new rural areas need to focus on improving farmers' lives so that people can benefit from it
10:18 - 30/11/2022
On November 29th, the Inspection and Supervision delegation of the Vietnam Farmers' Union at Central level, led by VNFU Vice Chairwoman – Ms. Cao Xuan Thu Van as the leader of the delegation, came to inspect and supervise the implementation of the National Target Program on building new rural areas in Tan Lap commune, Tan Thanh district, Long An province.
At the meeting, the representative of commune leaders reported on the implementation of the National Target Program on building new rural areas in 2022. Specifically, in 2020, the commune reached the new rural area standards; in 2021, it reached the advanced new rural area standards.

Since the launch of building new rural areas and advanced new rural areas, the amount of total investment and mobilized capital of the commune has been over 27 billion VND. Thereby, it has contributed to the improvement of rural appearance, people's living quality has been constantly improved, the number of poor households has reduced to 1.2%, and the amount of average income has been over 65 million VND/person/year.

Since the implementation of the program on building new rural areas, the rural infrastructure systems have been upgraded, and there has been a significant improvement. There have been some essential works such as rural transport, in-field irrigation, rural electricity, schools, health stations, rural markets, domestic water, and rural environmental sanitation, basically meeting people's needs.

Disseminating and mobilizing implementation in the locality has created a sweeping movement among people of all social classes, there have been emerging creative points in terms of donating land resources, efforts and money to participate in building rural infrastructure system in the locality, agencies and businesses. Many efficient production models are deployed and replicated; the environmental landscape is improved; the model of flower roads, the model of Club in environmental protection or the model of “5 No 3 Clean” have been promoted effectively.

During the process of the new rural area implementation, the democratic regime has been focused; all policies and guidelines have been presented based on residents’ discussion and unanimity, so they trust and agree to participate in the implementation.
The Vietnam Fatherland Front conducted openly, democratically, and effectively evaluations to assess people's satisfaction with the results of building new rural communes. During the implementation process, it always receives the close attention and direction of the party committees and authorities, the participation with a high sense of responsibility of the staff of the Fatherland Front, member organizations, and the positive response of the citizens. The vast majority of citizens have a high level of satisfaction. The proportion of households participating in the evaluation in residential areas reached from 70 to more than 90%, and the rate of residents’ satisfaction was 98.93%.

In order to improve the quality of new rural communes, the commune proposed to the Government to add more budget to build bridges and rural roads because the infrastructure systems of Tan Lap commune in particular and Tan Thanh district in general are weaker than those in other localities; therefore, the amount of investment and construction expense is very high. In addition, the district proposed to invest in building sluices to be active in using water sources for fruit tree production and protection.

Speaking at the conference, Vice Chairwoman of the VNFU at Central level, Ms. Cao Xuan Thu Van, highly appreciated the efforts of Tan Lap commune in the process of building new rural areas. Besides, she suggested that the commune should attract more resources in building new rural areas, which would include promoting the role of farmers and clearly assigning responsibilities to mass organizations; the commune should also continue to transform the thinking of each household on building new rural areas into an active and  innovative way; and help farmers produce OCOP products.

"The locality needs to carefully classify the criteria, specify the levels of each criteria, then divide them into groups to plan and set out directions, solutions, variations, and agreement on how to implement the program effectively in the near future. Besides, it is necessary to focus on directing the organizations and mass organizations, especially the Vietnam Farmers' Union, and arranging enthusiastic and capable human resources to participate in the implementation of the program," Vice Chairwoman Cao Xuan Thu Van emphasized.

Also on this occasion, the delegation surveyed the reality of crop structure transformation models transforming land for low-yield rice into durian and jackfruit cultivation in Tan Lap commune.
Translated by Ha Anh
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