Bringing early Tet Holiday gifts to poor farmers in Ha Giang
11:54 - 15/12/2022
During 3 days from 11 to 13 December 2022, the delegation of VNFU led by Ms. Bui Thi Thom - Vice Chairwoman of VNFU had a working trip to visit and give gifts to some poor households and students in Ha Giang province on the occasion of the upcoming 2023 Lunar New Year. 

Participating in the delegation were Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen, Member of the Central Executive Committee of VNFU, Editor-in-Chief; Ms. Do Thi Sam, Deputy Editor-in-Chief and reporter of New Rural Magazine, representatives of a number of businesses, sponsors for this charity event and leaders of FUs at all levels in Ha Giang province.

Giving gifts to the poor and children in remote areas is an annual activity of New Rural Magazine in the occasion of year- end holiday, connecting the philanthropists such as businesses, magazine readers,… especially on the occasion of the traditional Lunar New Year with the desire to help the poor people so in remote areas to have a warm and cozy Tet, help poor children to have warm clothes.

During the business trip, the delegation visited Vi Xuyen Martyrs' Cemetery, visited and gave gifts to poor households and students in 3 communes that still have a high poverty rate:  Ngoc Long commune (Yen Minh district), Van Chai commune. (Dong Van district) and Van Chai Primary and Secondary School, Sung Tra commune (Meo Vac district). Gifts include money, rice, instant noodles, warm clothes for children and many supplies for students' study ...


Mrs. Bui Thi Thom gave rice to poor farmers in Van Chai commune (Dong Van district, Ha Giang province)

Mr. Vang Mi Tua - Chairman of the People's Committee of Van Chai commune (Dong Van district, Ha Giang province) said: In whole commune, there are 13 villages with 800 households and 4,132 people, of which 100% are Mong people. The poverty rate of the commune is very high (over 84%), people's living standard is still low, especially due to their fogy customs and habits, it is very difficult to mobilize and propagate.  Therefore, the party committees and local authorities make effort in finding solutions and gather the whole political system into action.

Right from the beginning of 2022, the commune has issued a poverty reduction plan, decided to assign officials, civil servants and commune officials in charge of 46 households registering to escape poverty in 2022; organize the implementation of a general review of poor households, near-poor households, households working in agriculture, forestry and fishery with average living standards by the end of 2022, organize the announcement of results of poor households review for villages, the rate of poor households decreased by 10.5%, reaching 175% of the plan.
Sharing with farmers' difficulties, Ms. Bui Thi Thom expressed: "It is known that Yen Minh is a highland district and far from the center of the city, Ngoc Long commune is also a locality far from the district center and there are still many difficulties, the roads are far away, the traffic is not convenient; complex difficult terrain, so agricultural development and the living standards improvement have many obstacles, making it difficult for farmers to have an income source to ensure their daily life and activities. However, apart from these difficulties, Ngoc Long is a locality with a tradition of revolution and studiousness. The children of the commune attend school with a high rate of attendance compared to other localities that can help the commune have a direction for future development."

"Our country has a good tradition of sharing and helping each others, " The leaves protect tattered ones ". For VNFU, it is a socio-political organization representing the peasant class that always cares and takes care of the material and spiritual life of members and farmers. With that good tradition and with that role, the delegation of VNFU and the People's Committee of Ha Giang province and sponsors came to Ngoc Long to visit and give gifts on the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year. The gift is not much, but it shows affection and deep concern for the people. We hope people will kindly accept this small gift and have a warm and cosy Tet Holidat” – Ms. Bui Thi Thom shares.

Vice Chairwomen Bui Thi Thom hopes that under the leadership and direction of local government committees, branches, unions; people will continue to overcome all difficulties to gradually stabilize, take care of crops and livestock to raise income, improve living standards. At the same time, all levels and branches shall also often pay attention to farmers. In particular, the Grassroots FUs shall also continue to support members and farmers to achieve the goal of improving material life, improving knowledge in agricultural production and animal husbandry; helping children to go to school, creating new generations to help build the homeland out of poverty and develop sustainably.

Accompanying the delegation, there were representatives of businesses, units and individuals who contributed money, gifts and material to support the poor and children. Vice Chairwoman Bui Thi Thom would like to thank and wish businesses and companies to continue paying attention and sharing to help farmers to have a warm and cozy Tet holiday. The Editorial Board of New Rural Magazine - the unit that directly mobilizes and organizes the charity program, would like to thank the generosity and contributions of: ETZ Pharmaceutical Development Investment Joint Stock Company (Dong Nai) , CE Company (Phuoc Long Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City), Thanh Luan Plastic Joint Stock Company (Hanoi), Biosun Company Limited (Ho Chi Minh City), Newspaper Media Joint Stock Company Morning (Hanoi), Thuan Hoa Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd (Hanoi), Full Moon Sewing Workshop, Huan Thoa Garment Factory (Dong Cac Commune, Hanoi). Dong Hung, Thai Binh); Hoa Binh's family, members, farmers in Lam Phu Dien village (Dong Dong, Dong Hung, Thai Binh communes)...
Translated by Thu Ha
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