VNFU - VNPT Group: Digital transformation cooperation in the period of 2023-2028
11:00 - 24/02/2023
This afternoon (February 23), in Hanoi, the Vietnam Farmers' Union (VNFU) and the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) signed a cooperation agreement on digital transformation for the period of 2023-2028. 

The VNFU and VNPT Group signed the cooperation agreement

The signing ceremony was held directly in Hanoi and broadcast online to 63 provinces and cities, with the participation of FU and VNPT at the provincial level.

The Member of the Party Central Committee, Party Committee Secretary General, VNFU Chairman, Mr. Luong Quoc Doan; the First VNFU Vice Chairman, Mr. Pham Tien Nam; VNFU Vice Chairwoman, Ms. Bui Thi Thom, and leaders of departments and units attended the signing ceremony.

On behalf of VNPT Group, the Secretary General of the VNPT Party Committee, Chairman of the Member Council of VNPT Group, Mr. To Dung Thai; Deputy Secretary General of the Group’s Party Committee; General Director of VNPT Group, Mr. Huynh Quang Liem; Deputy General Director of VNPT Group, Ms. Tran Thanh Thuy; and representatives of the leaders of the VNPT's departments and units attended the ceremony.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Luong Quoc Doan, Member of the Party Central Committee, Party Committee Secretary General, and VNFU Chairman, said: "As the backbone of the national economy, digital transformation in the agricultural sector will be one of the main factors to help farmers, farms, cooperatives, and businesses improve productivity and quality, optimize production activities, reduce costs, and increase profits with higher production efficiency. Besides, supporting members and farmers in international integration and digital transformation are both urgent and long-term strategic tasks of the VNFU."

Therefore, in order to help farmers participate in digital transformation and international integration, the VNFU has always actively participated in the national processes of international integration and digital transformation. In recent years, beside focusing on promoting service and supporting activities for members and farmers, such as loans to invest in production and business development, input material supply, and output product consumption support, the VNFU has also paid attention and implemented activities to support members and farmers in digital transformation and international integration. VNFU has increased the use of online platforms in communication activities, trained members and farmers to apply information technology application skills in production and business, supported farmers in connecting with e-commerce platforms to consume products, etc.

According to Mr. Luong Quoc Doan, implementing digital transformation in the Farmers' Union and building the Farmers' App are the fastest and most effective ways to disseminate the Party's guidelines, the State's policies, and laws to the VNFU members; they synchronize and integrate member data with national population data, accompany VNFU at all levels, and effectively manage and exploit member data to serve the political tasks and develop the work of VNFU and the farmers' movement at all levels.

Through the cooperation agreement, the VNFU and VNPT Group will research and develop information technology applications to maximize the strengths of the two sides in order to establish, apply, and effectively operate the information technology infrastructure system to meet the VNFU's requirements in information collection, transmission, storage, management, and exploitation. Deploying information technology applications can serve management, direction, and administration to improve work efficiency and promote modernization from the central level to the provincial, district, and commune levels.

VNFU officials and members should actively acquire and apply science and technology in production and daily life and adapt to the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution in order to develop and improve the quality of human resources. Applying technology to the production, processing, promotion, and selling agricultural products improves labor productivity, product quality, and reliability, as well as promoting agricultural products widely in domestic and international markets. It also contributes to improving the work efficiency of the VNFU at all levels, promoting the brand and products and services for the VNPT Group.

The cooperation between the two sides is carried out uniformly and smoothly throughout all levels of the VNFU and the VNPT Group. VNFU and VNPT Group support each other based on the spirit of discussing, cooperating, and sharing experiences. The contents of cooperation are guaranteed to be implemented within the framework of the VNFU and VNPT Group's laws, internal regulations, capabilities, and resources.

The cooperation agreement surveys and creates solutions on digitization and digital transformation in directing and guiding activities of the VNFU at all levels; it also coordinates and implements digital transformation solutions for the VNFU at the central level and its departments, including:Information technology infrastructure and applications served VNFU at all levels' management; Supporting Fund for Farmers; Center for Supporting Farmer and Rural Development; Today's Rural Newspaper; solutions on the safety, cybersecurity and information security; implementing digital society and digital economy solutions to support members such as managing members, payment integration, and incentives via farmer SIMs; supporting and raising awareness about digital transformation; supporting farmers to start up in business; organizing and sponsoring other activities that are suitable to the needs of the VNFU in each period and priority area of the VNPT Group; promoting and disseminating to VNFU members and readers over the world about the technological capabilities, products, and services of the VNPT Group through the VNFU official disseminating departments.

After signing the agreement, the VNFU and VNPT Group will concretize the roles of their departments and units in implementing the tasks of the cooperation agreement in the period 2023–2028 through specific programs and plans.

The VNPT Group assigned the VNPT- VinaPhone to chair and implement the tasks of the Cooperation Agreement.

The VNFU assigned the Administration Department to provide advisory and coordinate the implementation of the agreement. The VNFU at the central level disseminates the cooperation agreement to all levels and members, as well as creating conditions for VNPT to introduce its products and services.

At the same time, VNFU needs to implement some tasks below: Creating conditions, coordinating, and providing necessary information so that VNPT Group can provide programs, plans, and projects for the VNFU at all levels and to all members; Arranging human resources and equipment and closely coordinating with VNPT Group to implement the specific cooperation tasks; Actively developing agriculture in combination with applying new technologies that are suitable to the functions and tasks of the VNFU in order to achieve the objectives of the cooperation agreement; Inspecting, monitoring, and supporting VNFU at all levels and members to complete the tasks of the Cooperation Agreement; Collaborating with VNPT Group to raise awareness about digital transformation (including programs to assist start-up farmers) in the agricultural production process, as well as agricultural product promotion and consumption; Introducing the VNPT Group to enterprises and cooperatives for the Group to approach and carry out digital transformation for businesses, ect.

VNPT Group directs its member units to closely coordinate with the VNFU at all levels to implement the tasks of the cooperation agreement in researching and providing products and services that are appropriate for both sides.

VNPT Group gives priority to providing preferential services in information technology, communication and telecommunications for the VNFU at all levels, officials and farmers; and provides services to support farmers to start businesses based on competitive and market-appropriate conditions. Besides, it coordinates with the VNFU to develop plans and organize the implementation of activities, provide financial support.

VNPT Group trains and guides the VNFU officials and members in order to raise awareness about digital transformation and information technology applications in management, production, and business; and enhances the safety and information security skills for VNFU staff in charge of network and information technology. It regularly exchanges information and reports the results of the implementation of the cooperation agreement to the VNFU at all levels in order to summarize and evaluate; and it also supports the VNFU at all levels in organizing social security activities.

The VNFU and VNPT Group will hold a meeting and evaluate the results every 12 months (since signing the Cooperation Agreement), and they will consider and approve the next plan in the future.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Chairman of the Member Council of VNPT Group, Mr. To Dung Thai, hoped that VNPT Group would contribute to enhancing the digital transformation process in all activities. VNPT Group is committed to focusing the important resources needed to propose, coordinate, and implement the goals. VNPT Group will maximize its strengths in order to effectively establish, apply, and operate the information technology infrastructure system that brings benefits to society.

Van Uan Translated by Ha Anh
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