VNFU Leader works with representatives of Son La Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Committee
14:00 - 18/02/2023
On February 16, VNFU Vice Chairwoman, Ms. Cao Xuan Thu Van, and the delegation had a meeting with representatives of the Son La Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Committee.

The VNFU Vice Chairwoman, Ms. Cao Xuan Thu Van, spoke at the meeting

Promoting socio-economic development with Son La farmers

Mr. Lo Minh Hung, the First Vice Secretary General of the Son La provincial Party Committee; members of the Provincial Party Standing Committee and the Provincial People's Committee; leaders of departments at the provincial level; leaders of the Son La provincial FU; and leaders of the People's Committees of Moc Chau, Yen Chau, Sop Cop districts, and Son La city, received and worked with the delegation of the VNFU.  

At the meeting, the report on the results of the Collaboration Program between the VNFU and the Son La Provincial Party Committee in the fourth quarter of 2022 and the draft plan for the program in 2023 were presented. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the Son La Provincial Standing Committee issued Directive No. 22-CT/TU dated September 23, 2022 on the leadership of Congress of Farmers' Unions at all levels, progressing to the 10th Congress of the Son La province Farmers' Union, term 2023–2028, which assigns the Son La province Farmers' Union to advise the Provincial People's Committee to organize a dialogue conference between the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and farmers in 2022.

The delegates discussed coordination tasks such as: Building a typical advanced new rural village model in Chieng Co commune, Son La city; Building high-quality fruit tree models in plum areas in Long Phieng, PhiengKhoai and Chieng On communes in Yen Chau district; Building input material areas for the factories in Quynh Nhai and Sop Cop districts; Vocational training for farmer members at all levels; Researching and proposing to build booths introducing safe agricultural products and OCOP products of Son La province at the VNFU headquarters and locations of the provincial FUs.

The VNFU effectively implemented the Collaboration Program

Ms. Cao Xuan Thu Van emphasized: "This is the first time the VNFU has signed a collaboration program with a province. Therefore, in order to ensure consistency and close coordination in the implementation of the proposed coollaboration program, Son La Province is requested to continue leading, directing, and disseminating to officials, party members, and citizens in Son La about the guidelines of the Party as well as the policies and laws of the Government on agriculture, farmers, and rural areas”.

The VNFU has continued to coordinate and propose the implementation of programs and projects in Son La based on its orientation toward the socio-economic development of the Vietnam Northern Midlands and Mountains.

The VNFU Vice Chairwoman suggested that Son La Province should agree on the contents of the collaboration program. Son La Province also should disseminate effectively the Party's guidelines; the Government's policies and laws on agriculture, farmers and rural areas; it should organize activities to promote, introduce, link, and support farmers in the consumption of agricultural products: Building high-tech agricultural areas and typical advanced rural village model.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Lo Minh Hung, Standing Vice Secretary General of the Son La provincial Party Committee, received comments and suggestions from the VNFU in developing and implementing the plan. Furthermore, he recommended that the departments and units involved need to ensure program procedures that are appropriate with the socio-economic development plan and the 2023 budget estimate of Son La Province, and close to the orientations and programs that the province has signed.

Hoang Minh Translated by Ha Anh
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