Vice Chairwoman of VNFU Cao Xuan Thu Van surveyed the fruit tree planting model in Son La
11:39 - 17/02/2023
(VNFU Portal) - On February 16, Vice Chairwoman of VNFU Cao Xuan Thu Van and the delegation visited and surveyed the fruit tree development model in Yen Chau district, Son La province.

Yen Chau, one of the regions with a large area of fruit tree plantation in Son La province. Photo: Van Ngoc

Yen Chau is becoming a large fruit tree plantation area of ​​Son La

The delegation visited and surveyed fruit trees in Phieng Khoai, Long Phieng and Chieng On communes of Yen Chau district (Son La). These are the plum plantation areas that will be supported by VNFU to cultivate in the direction of high-tech agricultural development, with a scale of 10 hectares, with a budget of over 600 million VND. The model is part of the coordination program between VNFU and the Son La Provincial Party Committee in the period of 2022-2025.

Mr. Luu Thanh Binh, Yen Thi village, Long Phieng commune, Yen Chau district said: His family has more than 1 hectare of plim plantation area, with more than 300 trees. Many trees have been cultivated for years, leading to degeneration, low yield. 

In order to increase the productivity of the plum plantation as well as meet market demand, Mr. Binh wishes to receive support from all levels and sectors, especially from VNFU, in term of techniques, fertilizers, advertising, promoting and selling products, helping farmer members increase income.

Mr. Nguyen Van Dien, Chairman of Yen Chau District FU, said: Currently, Yen Chau district has nearly 11,000 hectares of fruit trees of all kinds. In which, there are over 560 hectares of fruit trees that people apply high technology to production; over 70 hectares of longan, 22 hectares of mango have been granted planting area codes and over 350 hectares of fruit trees have been granted VietGAP certificates. Many models of organic fruit growing associated with export units.To develop fruit trees, the district has actively acttracted companies, enterprises to invest in agriculture and rural areas; actively propagate and mobilize the establishment of cooperatives to link production and trading of products. 

Up to now, the whole district has over 50 agricultural cooperatives, with nearly 900 members. Some cooperatives produces according to Vietgap standards and linked with farmers in production and product purchase. In particular, the district has strengthened trade promotion, markets expansion, linked domestic consumption chains and exported to China, Australia, and America...

In addition to the achieved results, Yen Chau district also faceed many difficulties in building high-tech fruit tree plantation models due to lack of investment capital and techniques as well as output for agricultural products. 

They hopes to be supported from authorities and FUs at all level in fruit tree plantation in a regional scale, in association with preservation, processing and trading, especially development of fruit trees. material areas for factories;  application of science and technology in production; trade promotion, market expansion, creating favorable conditions for enterprises to invest, associate in production and trading of fruit tree products.

Producing high quality fruit trees

Vice Chairwoman of VNFU Cao Xuan Thu Van highly appreciated the fruit tree plantation models in Yen Chau district. The locality has had strong developments in fruit trees plantation, creating jobs and increasing incomes for farmer members. In addition, farmer members know how to apply science and technology to production to improve output quality, promote product promotion and trading.

The Vice Chairwoman of VNFU suggested: Yen Chau district should continue to build and develop fruit tree production models that meet VietGAP standards with high quality output; maintaining trademarks and brand building for certified products; propagandize farmers to expand the area of ​​high-quality agricultural production for a number of key crops, thereby increasing incomes for farmer members.

Hoang Hai- Translated by Thu Ha
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