Improving the quality and quantity of the Union
11:31 - 24/08/2015
On July 9th, Mr.Nguyen Duy Luong - Vice President of Executive Committee of Vietnam Farmers Union (VNFU) participated and directed Lam Dong Farmers Union about preliminary wrap-up five years report of assignment in implementing the Resolution 06 of Executive Committee of VNFU (5th)about " Continuing to build the strong organization of Union at levels".
The report showed, in the past five years, all levels of Lam Dong Farmers Union had brought positive changes. In 2010, if only 7/12 units of the district-based Farmers Union ranked powerful; there were 4 units ranking comprehensively strong level and 8 units ranking strong in 2014.
The emulation movement of farmer in good production and business has appeared many typical examples; they not only emulated in production and business but also helped poor households enrich. There have been many good models and methods in process of implementing the Resolution 06, such as the Union building model in Da Oai commune, Da Ton commune (Da Huoai); the model of " developing and enhancing the quality of membership" (Di Linh), the model of eliminating stable poverty in Tien Hoang commune (Cat Tien), etc. They have played an important role in developing the union as well as enhancing the quality of membership.
Making a speech at the conference, Vice President Nguyen Duy Luong appreciated the achievements of Lam Dong Farmers Union, and highlighted four important tasks in the coming period: Continuing to promote the tasks of building and consolidating the union management, in which the propagation and mobilization tasks in various forms are appreciated; focusing on  the quality improvement of emulation movements in production and business at levels; actively advising the Party committees, the local government on directing, checking and supervising the implementation of Conclusion 61 and Decision 673; implementing the supervision, social criticism and suggestion in building the Party, government according to Decision 217 of the Politburo.
At the conference, the Provincial Farmers Union awarded certificates for 20 collectives recording excellent achievements in implementing the Resolution 06.
According to Dan Viet – By Mai Huong
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