To develop cooperative: Need a favourable policy environment.
10:09 - 28/03/2017
(VNFU Website) - This morning (March 27), Vietnam Farmer's Union in collaboration with the Collective Strategic Alliance (CSA), Asia Rural Human Resource Development (Asiadhrra) The Asian Farmers' Association (AFA) organized a workshop on "Workshop on Knowledge and Experience of Agricultural Cooperatives in Vietnam and Delivery of Services to Accelerate their Growth and Development”. The workshop was held in three days from March 27 to 29 in Hanoi. The workshop is attended by Mr. Leu Vu Dieu, First Vice Chairman of VNFU.

The workshop was attended delegates from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam Cooperatives Alliance, universities and research institutes, from Vietnam and international NGOs including VietDHRRA; Agriterra, We Effect, Asian Farmers’ Association, CSA, Finnish agri-agency for Food and Forest Development (FFD in Finland), National Association for Training Centers for Cooperatives (NATCCO from Philippines), representatives from Vietnam Farmers’ Union, and agricultural cooperatives from 10 provinces and cities.

Cooperative economic development is one of the great and consistent policies of the Party and government. The cooperative economy with variety of forms of which cooperatives are playing the key roles based on their voluntary, self-reliant, self-responsible rules have been benefiting for members.

In the international integration and agricultural re-structuring at present, the cooperative economic development in agriculture is the important task to help cooperative groups to associate with each other in production aiming at increasing added values, improving competitiveness of agricultural products towards the sustainable development.
At regional level, ASEAN governments have also committed to promote the development of agricultural cooperatives to become the instruments for poverty reduction, sustainable development of rural economy as well as enhancement of farmers’ positions.

With that spirit, Colletif Strategies Alimentaires (CSA) of Belgium, Asia Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas (AsiaDHRRA), Asian Farmers’ Association and Vietnam Farmers’ Union have co-organized the Sharing Workshop on knowledge and experiences of agricultural cooperatives in Vietnam and delivery of services to accelerate their growth and development.  (to be continued)

By Mai Huong
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