Kon Tum: Diversification in legal support for farmer members.
20:12 - 05/05/2017
(VNFU Website) – Over the years, the local model of the “Farmers and law” club has been considered to be an effective propaganda, diffusion model as it has been showing its many features adequate to the lifestyle and activities of local members, farmers and ethnic minorities. Furthermore, members of the club also play a key role in legal propaganda and diffusion at their units.
Up until now, levels of FU in the province have successfully set up 51 “Farmers and law” clubs with a total of 2,550 members, each club currently has about 50 members. At the same time, 49 units and 105 sub units have also recruited 1,734 key members.
All of these clubs have come to build their own content, program, plan, regulations for detailed activities and efficient operation. Particularly, these clubs also take the initiative in organizing meetings, farmers and law contests; play contests, etc. in order to diversify the activities for legal propaganda and diffusion at the grassroots levels.

All of the clubs are equipped with bookshelves including 1000 book titles mostly legal books, agriculture, farmer and rural regarding policies, etc. And some clubs are equipped with TVs, amplifiers, speakers for periodic activities, and legal propaganda, diffusion.

Levels of FU in the province have also cooperated with other relevant agencies to hold meetings on law, controling regulations on the club’s activities, improving legal knowledge and skills for Executive Committee and for the members as well. Through this, legal propaganda and diffusion that’re more timely and match the current state and the current legal awareness of members, farmers and ethnic minorities have also enhanced.
Resolutions, legal documents directly related to members, farmers such as Law on Complaint and Accusation, Law on Land, Law on Marriage and Family, Law on Gender Equality, Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control, etc. are often preferentially promoted. Moreover, levels of FU also assign staff and officers to monitor the key areas during holidays and New Year’s Days in order to keep up to date with the situation, any sign of national security infringement activities, etc. Therefore, many activities regarding illegal border crossing were timely prevented, and the security, political status and order at the local region were ensured.

At the same time, legal support is especially focused by levels of FU as well. Till now, there are 517 legal support groups established in the region. In order to provide mobile legal support for ethnic minorities, remote areas, areas still having many difficulties, levels of FU have cooperated with many legal support organizations belong to the National Legal Support Center. These legal support activities have gradually helped members and farmers understand and carry out properly the guidelines, policies of  the Communist Party and Nation, and also contributed to the decrease in the wrong and unproper complaints, accusations at the local region.
In the last few years, in associated with the National Legal Support Center, levels of FU have organized many legal support sessions for a total of 1,175 people. The number included 232 people from the poor household, 113 people from poor households and aslo under the preferential treatment policy, 207 people from ethnic minorities, 211 people from families under the preferential treatment policy and 412 other people. Most of these people are living in the remote areas and barely have the chance to approach to law and legal materials.
Hai Thinh – by Mai Huong
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