Wageningen Plant Research (WUR) visited some provinces in Mekong Delta
12:56 - 31/05/2017
From 27 May to 3 June 2017, one 4 person delegation from Wageningen Plant Research (WUR) and the Land Water Food Consult Company visited Vietnam to identify the opportunities for salt and drought tolerant crops in the Mekong area.  One researcher from the Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City participated in the team.

After the trip, a flora with an overview of crops and crop groups with their tolerance levels to drought and saline conditions,  alist of promising technologies and field level strategies developed and thus, to set up a network linking private sector and research as well as set-up of a pilot and commitment by local farmers to participate in the elaboration.

Some crops like rice, maize, aloe vera, and some other fruits were considered by stakeholders. However, how to sell agro-product after converting is one of the needs from farmers. Thus, doing reaserch on finding out the salt and drought tolerant crops linked with developing the value chain also should be considered.

This survey fits very well in the outline of the program on salinization in the Mekong as developed during fruitful missions in 2016 organized by VNFU, NWP and Land Water Food Consult Company.

The framework could be base for an ambitious proposal to tackle the impact of salinization. The mission contributed to finding the solutions and intervention to improve the prosperity and livelihood of the farmers, which are prone to salinity and drought in the Mekong detal system.
By Viet Ha
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