VNFU at all levels join hands to “rescue” pig farmers
14:51 - 16/06/2017
Witnessing the difficulties of pig farmers who are facing with a slump in the market as well as slipping prices at piggery, the provincial Farmers’ Unions have promptly joined hands, made efforts to find out solutions to help farmers, especially organizing sales of safe pork meat in many places, etc.

Provide “a bridge” between farmers and consumers
In response to appeal of Vietnam Farmers’ Union to help pig farmers to recover from difficulties, at the beginning of this May, Hanoi Farmers’ Union have actively connected farmers with consumers by opening sales of pork meat.
Mr. Tran Van Dung at Hoa Son commune, Ung Hoa district, who is one of the first farmers in connection of Hanoi Farmers’ Union with consumers, shared: “I reared 30 pigs and sold 10 pigs of which at the unit price of 17,000VND per kilogram that made my business loss of 1.5 million dongs each pig. With support from Hanoi Farmers’ Union, I have slaughtered whole pigs and taken to sales at 33 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street (Ba Dinh district, Hanoi). At the sales-off price of 60,000 VND each kilogram, my wife and I could recoup a part of our investment”.

Being the return customer at the oulet of 33 Nguyen Chi Thanh street where propagandize and connect farmers with consumers, Ms. Nguyen Lan Anh, living in Lang Ha Street (Dong Da district), said to reporter: “I see that pork meat is very fresh and good, while sold at selling off price of 60,000 VND each kilogram which 20,000 dongs to 40,000 dongs cheaper than the price at retail markets. Importantly, I had chances to talk to pig farmers to ask for their pig rearing process as well as encourage, share with their current situation of slump in the market”.
Mr. To Hai Long, Director of Center for Supporting Farmer in Hanoi told:
“At first, The Standing Committee of Hanoi Farmers’ Union did not expect that we could sell too much pigs for farmers, but mainly wished to give a direct connection between farmers and enterprises, between breeders and consumers, and “rescue” pig farmers from difficulties…Still, happily that on the first day 6th May, the center already helped farmers to sell 200 kilograms of pork meat (equivalent to 3 quintals live weight)”…

To continue such fine sucesses, on next days, all levels of Hanoi Farmers’ Union coordinated with the Center for Supporting Farmer in Hanoi to actively help pig farmers. Beside maintaining the outlet of pork meat at 33 Nguyen Chi Thanh street at every weekend, the Center also expand other daily outlets in Thanh Cong ward, Ba Dinh district. Since the beginning of May, the center has already supported farmers to get connected with consumers for sale of averagely 100kg pork meat per day. Simultaneously, the center has also tried their best to contact enterprises for purchasing farmers’ products.

Many solutions made to help breeders addressing problems

Hai Phong Farmers’ Union have also made efforts to work out solutions to help farmers selling their products, especially to organize retail outlets of safe pork meat at stable prices. It means that the price at such outlets will be 20%-30% lower than market prices. Mr. Nguyen Van Chuong, Chairman of Hai Phong Farmers’ Union said: “When sales of pig was at a standstill, the price dropped significantly, the Farmers Union have carried out some surveys and visits to pig farmer families to find the best solutions to it. Recently, the Farmers Union have supported Kien Thuy districts to open 2 outlets of pork meat with stabilizing price. Each day, 2 outlets sell 25 to 30 pigs”.
Ha Tinh Farmers’ Union have also opened an outlet at 16 Vo Liem Son street, Ha Tinh city. The sold pork meat is collected from cooperative groups of pig farming in the province, especially priorities taken to breeding cooperative groups, cooperatives which the city Farmers’ Union supported to establish.

“On the first day of sales on 22nd May, the outlet of Ha Tinh Farmers’ Union had sold 100 pigs at total weight of 10 tons. On next days, by getting many purchasing orders from other agencies and offices in Ha Tinh city, the Farmers’ Union sold more than 500 pigs at total weight of 50 tons for farmers” – shared by Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhuan, Vice Chairman of Ha Tinh Farmers’ Union.

Ms. Nhuan also told that, at the Farmers Union’s outlet, the price of pork meat is 20%-30% lower than market prices. Meanwhile, Ha Tinh Farmers’ Union purchased at the price of  30,000VND each kilogram, which higher than price of traders (only 22,000 – 24,000VND each kilogram). Moreover, all levels of Ha Tinh Farmers’ Union already mobilized enterprises, companies to cooperate with Farmers Union to make discounts on cattle-feed and support funds for farmers and members to buy siblings. For example, Duc Linh Farmers’ Union (at Vu Quang district) already mobilized Tinh Chuong company to support 16 families of one cooperative group to get a loan of 10 million dongs for each family to buy siblings (without interests) and discount for 15,000 dongs per pack of cattle-feed.

Source: Dan Viet – by Ngoc Anh
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