Making monthly income of 20 million dong thanks to Supporting Fund for Farmers
09:07 - 26/07/2017
Many farmers of Nam Can District (Ca Mau Province) said that Supporting Fund for Farmers had been helping them timely build and spread several successful production models, thus many of them became wealthy.
Female Crab Farming model of Nguyen Van Niem is bringing in high income.

Small capital but huge support

According to leaders of Nam Can Commune FU, as implementing Conclusion no. 61/2009 of the Secretariat and Decision no. 673/2011 of Prime Minister on content and mission of building Supporting Fund for Farmers, the local Supporting Fund for Farmers had proven itself to be a successful model since many local economic models which benefit from it had brought in good results and high income for farmers.

Nguyen Hoang Du was 1 of 6 members of Thuan Thong Cooperative Group (Xeo Sao Village, Lam Hai Commune) able to access to loans provided by the Supporting Fund for Farmers of the District FU which was disbursed in faearly 2016. Du used it to invest in blood cockle farming model. “With 15 million dong provided by the Supporting Fund for Farmers and 25 million dong of family savings, I started my business with 200 kg of blood cockles. And now, the productivity has reached 55-60 blood cockles/kg and it brings me an average monthly income of 15 million dong”, Du said. He also shared that after 11 months, he was able to harvest 3 times with about 60% of his total blood cockles. 

In early 2017, Nguyen Van Niem took part in the project of the Female Crab Farming Cooperative Group and thus received 5-million-dong loans from the Supporting Fund for Farmers. Now, he is rearing over 150 female crabs and making an average monthly income of 20 million dong.

Niem said: “As producers, we sometimes have to struggle with financial problem, but thanks to the Supporting Fund for Farmers of the local district, we are able to remain production and day by day develop our business. Even though the support is not much, it plays an important role especially in tough times and has a supportive meaning to farmers”.

Encourage farmers to produce

At this stage, the Supporting Fund for Farmers of Nam Can District FU is basically able to meet the needs of farmers, partly support them in capital and moreover it’s the capital support from the Fund that encourages farmers to expand their production and business, and provide the market with high quality and highly competitive products. At present, Nam Can District has 6 projects received support from the Supporting Fund for Farmers which include 3 projects received support from provincial level. Currently, the total fund of the Supporting Fund for Farmers of the district is over 390 million dong including nearly 200 million dong raised by the communual Funds and it will help more than 60 members access to loans.   

According to the District FU, Nam Can Town particularly has 16 households receiving average loans of 5-6 million dong each. Given the support is not much, it helps farmers develop production, set up efficient production models, and contributes to the economic structural shift. 

Nam Can District FU’s Chairwoman Ho Thi Ut Lung said: “Levels of FU in the district have actively recommended levels of Communist Party and authorities to set up a steering committee and propaganda committee for establishing Supporting Fund for Farmers in order to be able to timely implement Conclusion no. 61 of the Secretaria and Decision no. 673 of Prime Minister regarding Supporting Fund for Farmers.

“As receiving the concern of District Party Committee, the People’s Council and the People’s Committee in annual budget distribution for the Fund, the local FU has prepared many projects aiming to help farmers expand their production. The Fund has shown good results helping farmers build and spread efficient farming models”, said Lung.
Dan viet – by Minh Hue
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