Having many agricultural specialties, Dien Bien should focus on building brands
10:50 - 03/08/2017
This is the additional suggestion of Mr. Lai Xuan Mon, Member of Central Party Committee, Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Farmers' Union (VNFU) during the work session with Mr. Tran Van Son, Member of Central Party Committee, Secretary of Dien Bien Provincial Party Committee and FU on August 1st.
Dien Bien Provincial FU reported that over the last few years and the first half of 2017, FU’s activities and provincial farmers’ movements have been improved and met the requirements of the tasks set for the new era.
Up to now, the province has 10 grassroots FUs, 130 units and over 78,700 members. Several emulation movements of good production and business farmer, union for enrichment and stable poverty reduction are continue to be promoted and attract wide attention. Also, the provincial FU has guided and successfully carried out 22 production and stock raising development projects funded by Supporting Fund for Farmers which supported 365 households with 10.6 billion dong, created jobs and stable income for 1,000 labors and benefited 4 communes that are new-type rural areas with more than 2.6 billion dong, etc.
Throughout the province, there are 22,900 farm households able to get trust loans from Vietnam Bank for Social Policies with the total debit balance of more than 700.2 billion dong. These loans have brought many practical and positive results to farmers in socio-economic development.
The presentative of the provincial FU hoped that the central FU would continue to support and increase allocation to the Supporting Fund for Farmers; propose new projects as well as diversify collective models for farmers to help them play their parts in agricultural and rural development, etc.
Acknowledging and highly appreciating the results in the provincial FU’s activities and its farmers’ movements, Chairman Lai Xuan Mon also pointed out some issues that the Dien Bien Provinical authority needed to focus on in the future. They are, The People’s Committee to allocate extra money for the provincial Supporting Fund for Farmers in order to help farmers get loans; to support FU in organizing vocational training courses in the rural areas due to small budget. Especially, as Dien Bien’s farming products such as Dien Bien rice, Muong Cha pineapple, etc. haven’t had their own brands or haven’t able benefit from the brand, Mr. Lai Xuan Mon suggested: “Dien Bien needs to rebuild its product brands with geographical indications for marketing”. Furthermore, Dien Bien’s FUs, particularly the Vocational Training and Supporting Center, were facing personnel shortage, thus the provincial People’s Committee should pay more attention about this issue, Mr Lai Xuan Mon noted.
Chairman Lai Xuan Mon also demanded Dien Bien Province to come up with solution to protect farmers from the international economic integration, climate change, avoid excess supply. Besides, vocational counseling and training, and finding resources for rural development are also required, said Mr. Mon.
Chairman Lai Xuan Mon also took in all suggestions and proposals of Dien Bien provincial FU and assigned them to divisions in charge at the Central FU to promptly support Dien Bien.
Before the work session Dien Bien Province, in the morning Mr. Lai Xuan Mon and the group had had a visit to some typical agricultural models using capital provided by Supporting Fund for Farmers at Te Noi village, Thanh Luong commune and model of land accumulation for producing large paddy field model of Thanh Yen Commune General Service Cooperative, etc.
According to Dan Viet – Minh Hue

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