Hung Yen Province: Legal diffusion to over 36,000 members and farmers
10:51 - 22/08/2017
(VNFU Website) – As to continue to effectively implement Decision no. 81/2014/QĐ-TTg, levels of VNFU have enhanced in legal diffusion, education and support for farmers so that they can understand and wiliingly follow the laws and bylaws themselves.
Legal diffusion and propaganda has become the key task of levels of FU. The union also sets law enforcement as criterion in the officers, members and farmers, and performance assessment at the end of the year. Every year, the provincial FU organizes 20-30 courses on legal diffusion and education, and 20 legal support sessions for 1,120 members. Thus, levels of FU in the province have organized more than 412 duffusion sessions for 36,089 members.
Until now, levels of FU have established and kept 59 “Farmers and Law” clubs remaining active, equipped 12 legal bookshelves (each club received 120 legal book titles) and 22 amplifiers, speakers for these clubs. Besides facilities, all club members including farmers and representatives of local authority and social organizations have good legal knowledge.
Every month, these clubs take turn to hold meeting with farmers from villages on legal information, mediation and legal support. And as the form varies from time to time, these meetings attract many members and farmers. Additionally, to implement Decision no. 218 of the Politburo of the Party Central Committee, every year, the Standing Committee of the provincial FU issues Plan on sharing ideas to build the Party and the Government.
Up to now, levels of FU have joined hands to resolve internal complaints letters and claims of farmers, mediate 260 disputes and disagreements, decrease wrong and unproper complaints, claims, and settle social security and order at the local area.
Legal diffusion and support for members and farmers has help decrease wrong and unproper complaints, accusations and collective claims; mediation and internal dispute settlement make good progress. This content also divisifies activities of FU, attracts farmers to join the Union and help improve the role of FU.
Ha Ngan – by Hoa Mai

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