The finale of the 4th National Farmers’ Competition (2017): A picture of modern-day farmers
09:00 - 03/10/2017
(VNFU Website) – On October 1st, in Hanoi, the 4th National Farmers’ Competition Final took place at the Culture Palace with 4 teams of Tien Giang, Hai Phong, Tuyen Quang and Ha Tinh.

Award ceremony

In his opening speech, members of Central Party Committee, VNFU Chairman Lai Xuan Mon firmly stated: Farmers’ Competition was a way to spread guidelines and directions of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), policies and laws of the State, resolutions and programs of VNFU as well as a practical forum for VNFU’s officers, staff, members and farmers to show their dynamism, creativity and new thinking, and a playground for sharing experience in agricultural production, technology approach and application to production which would help improve productivity, product quality and value. And as the result, this would motivate every officers, staff, members and farmers of the Union to actively and efficiently take part in the process of agricultural development, building new-type rural areas, and building a strong Farmers’ Union.

After the opening ceremony, 4 teams of Tien Giang, Hai Phong, Tuyen Quang and Khanh Hoa competed against each other through 3 rounds which were “Farmers’ Greeting”, “Let’s answer the question” and the multiple choice “Who’s the better”.

Though it only lasted for a few minutes, the theatrical-formed “Farmers’ Greeting” round was the chance for all teams to bring to stage their local cultural features, activities of local FUs and peasantry movements.
The team of Tien Giang was the first team to open the night. It introduced the strength in fruits of its province through melodies of Don Ca Tai Tu (a Vietnamese folk) along with the message of “Solidarity - Creativity - Integration - Development”. With an impressive sketch named “The Goat God”, not only did Hai Phong team succeeded in introducing its local agricultural strengths, but it also brought the audiences a good laugh. Also preparing a sketch on the conversation between the Mountain God and his people, the team of Tuyen Quang conveyed a message of “The State, Farmers, Scientists and Enterprises for solidarity, creativity, international integration, development”. With the soft singing of people from Central Vietnam, the team of Ha Tinh came to competition with a message of “Farmers with new mindset, new knowledge, new awareness, new culture, new interests to join hand to build new-type rural areas and civilized urban areas for a prosperous and civilized future”.
In the “Let’s answer the question” round, each team had to choose 5 members to draw a random question and answer it in 120-second time. With the same pattern, in the “Who’s the better” round, each team chose 3 members and they had to answer after hearing questions in 15-second time simultaneously with other teams. And after each round, the judges announced the score for each team.
As it required longer duration, the “Farmers’ Idea” round had taken place one day earlier on September 30th, its result, however, was announced on the next day in the final. Eventually, Ha Tinh team took the first place, Hai Phong team claimed the second place, and the two remaining teams, Tuyen Quang and Tien Giang, both got third place.
VNFU Chairman Lai Xuan Mon affirmed: “After the competition, exemplary farmers of today will be multiplied in quantity and quality, become the pride of Vietnamese farmers. With the current modern generation of Vietnamese farmers, the agriculture of Vietnam will be stronger, more confident to take a step to international environment bringing agricultural products which are produced with high concetration of hi-tech based on diversified and creative agricultural - industrial ecosystem of Vietnamese farmers”.

With the theme of “Vietnamese farmers: Solidarity - Creativity - Integration - Development”, the 4th National Farmers’ Competition is organized at all levels, from grass-roots level to central one. The Semifinals had successfully attracted the enthusiastic and active participation of more than 1.2 billion officers, members and farmers nationwide.

Duy Nghia – translated by Mai Huong
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