More than 8,000 farmers in the capital get production loans
16:32 - 08/01/2018
Hanoi City FU has recently organized a summing-up meeting on FU activities and farmer campaigns in 2017 and tasks in 2018.
With the resources provided by Hanoi City FU, many farmers have been able to invest and develop agricultural production. Photo by Thu Ha.

The summing-up report clearly points out that levels of Hanoi City FU continue to do well with their tasks and farmer campaigns. In 2017, there were 277,537 members signing up for the title of Good Production and Business Farmer at levels and 175,000 out them gaining the title after selection.
Especially, levels of FU has actively played their role in implementing Conclusion no. 61 of the Secretariat Committee and Decision no. 673 of the Prime Minister, notably developing Supporting Fund for Farmers. In 2017, the city Supporting Fund for Farmers growed over 32.7 billion dong, making the Fund reach 543.5 billion dong in total. The executive committee of the city Fund steered disbursement, monitored the disbursement for 389 projects which gave loans for 8,334 members; deployed 30 pilot models for giving loans from the Fund. Furthermore, levels of FU are currently helping maintain 383 collective economic models, building 155 models of economic development with the participation of 5,615 households; supporting over 1,200 exhibition models of cultivation, livestock farming etc. under VietGAP.
Levels of FU built 356 consulting service models for farmers, organized 2,398 technical training courses on cultivation, livestock farming, animal health, fertilizer use for over 223,000 staff, members and farmers. They also held 186 legal support sessions for more than 1,300 staff and farmers.
Levels of Hanoi FU continued to disseminate and promote products whose trademarks have been protected under the ownership of levels of FU. Particularly, the city FU organized an traditional handicraft village and high quality produce in 2017 with 48 booths showcasing thoudsands of produce and handicrafts.
For orientations and  tasks in 2018, along with continuing disseminating guidelines, policies of the Party and the State; the Union needs to focus on the Eighth National Congress of Deputies of VNFU, term 2018-2023. The year of 2018 is also the time to concentrate resources to support farmers, promote produce consumption, organize dialogues among farmers and scientist, enterprises, etc.
Thu Ha - translated by Hoa Mai
Nguồn: Dan Viet -
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