Presenting poor farmers in Cao Bang Province with 10 agricultural machines
16:30 - 31/01/2018
On January 29, VNFU in collaboration with Vietnam Engine and Agricultural Machinery Corporation (VEAM) and Rang Dong Corporation gave 10 agricultural machines and new year presents to poor farmers in Cao Bang Province.
At the event, Member of Party Central Committee, the new Chairman of VNFU, Thao Xuan Sung addressed that machines given to people in Cao Bang that time were new year presents carrying the hope of VNFU that they would help local people with agricultural modernization to improve productivity and income.
“I hope levels of Cao Bang FU as well as people receiving these machines would change their ways of doing and thinking which would help them alternate their treatments for soil and produce, aim at mechanised production model for high quality products and less manpower” – the new chairman firmly stated.

Farmers are excited to be presented with modern agricultural machines.

Presented with the agricultural machine by VNFU for the first time, Nong Duc Thuan, a farmer in Ha Quang District, shared that most farmers across the country in general and farmers in mountainous borderlands in Cao Bang in particular still remained the cultivation method with buffaloes and bulls taking a lot of manpower but creating very low economic efficiency.

At the event, representative of Rang Dong Corporation, Pham Viet Hoa also gives new year presents to households enduring hardship in Cao Bang.

To somewhat ease the hardship of people nationwide, in 2017, the corporation ran over 20 social community programs in 32 provinces and cities. More than 250 classes were lighted up, more than 30,000 gift sets valued nearly 10 billion dong were given to households suffering greatly from the historical flood” – Hoa shared.

“Being given modern machinery by VNFU, we are very touch, our dream of bringing machinery to the field to enrich ourselves on our own hometown finally came true. We promise to use these machines efficiently to not only enrich ourselves but also give a hand to people, in Cao Bang and other provinces, with escaping from poverty”, said Thuan.
Tran Quang - translated by Viet Ha
Nguồn: Dan Viet -
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