Tet greetings and presents for poor farmers and members
11:00 - 13/02/2018
On February 5, a delegation of Central VNFU led by Nguyen Hong Ly, Vice Chairwoman of VNFU, paid a visit to deliver Tet greetings and presents to poor members and farmers in Bac Lieu and Soc Trang Province.
The delegation paid a visit, exchanged Tet greetings and handed out 30 present sets to poor members and farmers enduring hardships in Nha Mat Ward, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province and 40 ones to poor household members and farmers in Vinh Quoi Commune, Nga Nam Town, each set worth 500,000 dong.

Vice Chairwoman Nguyen Hong Ly (right) kindly asks about the health of Vietnamese Heroic Mother - Nguyen Thi Thin and gives her present in Bien Tay A Hamlet, Vinh Trach Dong Commune, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province. Photo by Chuc Ly. 

Vice Chairwoman Nguyen Hong Ly stated that the presents were not worth much though, they contained the affection of VNFU send to poor members and farmers on the occasion of Tet Holiday. The vice chairwoman hoped that in the new year of 2018, families of members and farmers, especially poor households, would be able to overcome hardship and have a better life with the support of levels of local FU in services, counseling, training on technology, the help from the society itself.  

On the ocassion of Tet Holiday 2018, on behalf of the Standing Committee of Central VNFU, Vice Chairwoman Nguyen Hong Ly also visited and exchanged greetings with former leaders of Central VNFU currently enjoying retirement in Bac Lieu and Soc Trang Province. She informed highlights in the Union’s activities and farmers’ movement achieved in 2017, important plans and programs waiting for the Union in the 2018. She also expected the former leaders to continue to support, turn in proposals for the development of the Union, farmers’ movements, etc.

Chuc Ly - translated by Mai Huong
Nguồn: Dan Viet - http://danviet.vn/
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