VNFU – Con Co Vang (Golden Stork) Co., Ltd.: To stimulate and support farmers to utilize fertilizers efficiently
08:13 - 02/04/2018
(VNFU Website) – On March 28, in Hanoi, Supporting Center for Farmers and Rural Areas (Central VNFU) and Con Co Vang Co., Ltd. inked a collaboration program to disseminate, stimulate and support local farmers and cooperatives to use Con Co Vang’s fertilizer products for farming and environmental conservation.

Supporting Center for Farmers and Rural Areas (VNFU) and Con Co Vang Co., Ltd. ink a collaboration program

Present at the signing ceremony, there were, on VNFU’s behalf, First Vice Chairman Leu Vu Dieu, Vice Chairwoman Nguyen Hong Ly, Vice Chairman Luong Quoc Doan and heads of departments and units, and, on Con Co Vang’s behalf, Chief Executive Nguyen Kim Thoa.

The collaboration program is aimed to disseminate, encourage, support and consult VNFU members, farmers to use Con Co Vang’s fertilizers products in farming to increase productivity, add more value to products and develop sustainable production helping improve farmers’ life; actively contribute to the hunger eradication and poverty alleviation for the sake of the agricultural and rural industrialization and modernization.

This collaboration gives VNFU from the central to grassroots a boost to renew its operation; disseminate, encourage farmers to comply with the guidelines and directions of the Communist Party, policies and legislation of the Government; strengthen the organization so as to fulfill its role as the core of farmers’ movements and the new rural construction in Vietnam. It also helps create the link between Con Co Vang and levels of VNFU from the central to grassroots. Thus, it is expected to make it easier for the company to approach farmers, expand its marketing activities, develop a new distribution channel via VNFU, which would pave the way for production expansion, product quality improvement, market expansion, etc.

As planned, the program will take off in April 2018. VNFU and Con Co Vang will work together to enhance dissemination, stimulation and guidance on using Con Co Vang’s fertilizer products in farming for farmers. In order to do so, at agreed provinces and cities, the two associations will organize workshops for dissemination, training, instructions for farmers on using the company’s fertilizers in agricultural production; create agricultural exhibition models which use Con Co Vang’s products so that farmers can actually see the effectiveness and then expand the application on large scale themselves; set up a deferred sale program of Con Co Vang’s fertilizers for farmers with 4-to-6-month term.

At the ceremony, VNFU First Vice Chairman Leu Vu Dieu requested Supporting Center for Farmers and Rural Areas and Con Co Vang Co. to design detailed plan relevant to local conditions; build pilot models, and also carry out preliminary and summing-up evaluations to decide whether to multiply those models or not; help levels of FU set up local implementing plans, steer local FUs to facilitate fertilizer consumption and use. 

Kim Thanh - translated by Mai Huong
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