Sustainable enrichment among farmers requires linkages in production
10:42 - 05/04/2018
On April 4, a delegation of Central VNFU headed by Thao Xuan Sung, Member of Vietnam Communist Party Executive Committee, Chairperson of VNFU, took a trip to visit and conduct a working session with Thai Binh Provincial FU.

Several measures to enrich farmers

Reporting to Chairperson Thao Xuan Sung as well as the delegation, Head of Thai Binh Provincial FU said that the provincial FU had done fairly well with FU activities and farmers’ movement. The province currently had 295,874 members active in 1,777 units in 279 wards, towns, communes spotted the presence of FU, he added. It was notably that levels of FU in Thai Binh Province had worked hard to organize multiple activities, services and consultations to support farmers in production development, particularly they had proactively collaborated with the authorities, enterprises, scientists to transfer technology and promote supporting services for farmers.

Chairperson of VNFU Thao Xuan Sung and the delegation visit peach blossom planting model in Hoang Dieu Ward, Thai Binh City, Thai Binh Province.
“In time to come, levels of FU in Thai Binh Province should shift to building production linkage models, develop innovative thinking on practices and select core commodities to produce, however this, in no way, should be applied scatteredly and perfunctorily." 
Chairperson of VNFU
Thao Xuan Sung

Chairperson of Thai Binh Provincial FU Nguyen Van Hoa informed that the standing committee of the provincial FU had directed district and city FUs to counsel the local Party Committees and authorities to distribute additional budget to local Supporting Funds for Farmers. Up to the point being said, 4 out of 8 districts and cities received the distribution for their relevant funds.

The total funding of the Supporting Fund for Farmers administrated by Thai Binh FU was 23.3 billion dong and granted in terms of loans to 1,876 households engaging in 49 models. One of those many models was the peach blossom model of Hoang Dieu Ward FU.

Apart from increasing the budget for the Supporting Fund for Farmers, Thai Binh FU joined by Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development and Vietnam Bank for Social Policies entrusted more than 2,267 billion dong to over 64,000 members and farmers to develop agricultural production.

Through models, preferential loan-based projects and Supporting Fund for Farmers, levels of Thai Binh FU were able to stimulate and instruct the formation of 65 new successful collective economy models targeted to household groups producing the same commodities.

The movement of good production and business farmer, union for enrichment and stable poverty reduction continued to strive. In 2017, after evaluation, 180,000 households were granted the title of good production and business household.

In 2018, levels of Thai Binh FU will continue to carry out 3 key tasks of VNFU. In order to complete these tasks, the crucial element identified by Thai Binh FU is to enhance the connection between FU and scientists, enterprises, farmers.

Multiply hundred million dong-generating fields

Chairperson of VNFU Thao Xuan Sung and the delegation during the working session with Thai Binh FU.

Addressing at the session, Chairperson Thao Xuan Sung acknowledge and commended all the attempts, efforts of Thai Binh FU. He, however, urged the local FU to counsel local Party Committees more strongly on distribution to local Supporting Funds for Farmers as only 4 out of 8 districts, cities received their additional budgets.

“I highly commend Thai Binh FU on building 65 collective economy models. I am especially impressed by the achievements of members of the peach blossom cooperative group in Hoang Dieu Ward. Originally, only a few separate small household growers engaged in peach blossom planting, but under the guidance, consultation and support of the Union, the local people started to shift from rice to peach blossom growing, they even worked together to exchange their techniques of crossing between types of peach blossom. As the result, the economic value generated on the same unit of area was improved. In the recent Tet Holiday, each peach blossom tree was rented at the price of 15 – 17 million dong. It was estimated that a 360-square-meter area of peach blossom planting, on average, brought in 150 million dong of annual revenue. On the whole, it can be seen that peach blossom trees are very high in productivity, dozens of times higher than rice farming. Therefore, in the future, levels of Thai Binh FU need to concentrate on forming, supporting and multiplying linkage-based models like the peach blossom model in Hoang Dieu Ward.”, Chairperson Thao Xuan Sung directed.

Chairperson Thao Xuan Sung stressed it was essential that Thai Binh FU promoted the understanding of the development of collective economy among members via dissemination activities, added content regarding the establishment of collective economy models to the Union’s quarterly activity documents in order for subordinate FUs to carry out relevant activities. Moreover, he also demanded the provincial FU to reflect and share its solutions, measures, experience in support and poverty reduction for members, farmers so as to effectively alleviate poverty among members and farmers in the future.

Earlier that day, the delegation had paid a visit trip to peach blossom model in Hoang Dieu Ward (Thai Binh City). The cooperative group currently has 100 associated household members planting 6.5 hectares of peach blossom trees. As engaging in this business, many households earn hundreds of million dong in revenue. In an effort to support peach blossom growers, Thai Binh FU had disbursed 300 million dong of loans from Supporting Fund for Farmers to 10 household growers.

Thu Ha - translated by Minh Hue
Nguồn: Dan Viet -
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