A historic dialogue between the Prime Minister and farmers
08:55 - 11/04/2018

“Never before have we had such a dialogue between the Prime Minister, heads of relevant Ministry, sectors and producers taken place. In the recent years, agriculture in Vietnam has obtained quite some achievements, which are mainly thanks to all farmers that have been working nonstop to lift our nation out of hunger. Nowadays, we not only have enough food to eat, but also are able to export agro-forestry-aquatics products valued at over $30 billion.

This is a statement by Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong during the dialogue organized on April 9 between Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Vietnamese farmers. This is just one of many opinions  given about the event.

The meeting is participated by 300 farmers from all over the country.
Photo by Le Hieu.

At this very dialogue, farmers all across the country had the chance to directly point out farmer-related problems and issues about life, Governmental policies such as social insurance, agricultural insurance, farming and agribusiness.

Speaking about the event, the Prime Minister firmly stated that the point of that meeting was to make all related parties come together to actually help farmers solve their problems. He also defined some questions that needed to be answered: Why haven’t farmers become rich yet? Why does rural sector with 70% of the population (over 43% of the workforce) only generate 18% of our GDP? Is it because of low labor productivity? etc.

As it progressed, some certain issues regarding markets, funding, farm land, technology, agricultural investments, new rural construction and so on were brought up.

Representing the banking sector, Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Viet Nam Dao Minh Tu said: “I think this dialogue between Prime Minister and farmers is a brilliant idea. Marked by this event henceforth, along with regular sessions with enterprises, the banking sector will conduct dialogues with farmers following the Prime Minister’s direction.”

Also present at the event, Member of Vietnam Communist Party Executive Committee and Chairperson of VNFU Thao Xuan Sung believed the dialogue had intensively focused on serious issues, problems currently faced by the agricultural sector, farmers, rural areas so as to reach the ultimate goal of boosting the development of agriculture and rural economy. He added that over 20 questions categorized in 9 groups of issues and problems, which conveyed farmers’ desires and aspirations, were comprehensively reflected and discussed by the Prime Minister as well as relevant Ministries and sectors. All opinions that were exchanged and directions, guidelines given by Prime Minister would be fully taken in and seriously brought into action by VNFU for farmers’ sake.

To close the event, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc concluded: “This is the first time as the Prime Minister I have had the opportunity to meet and discuss with farmers from all over the country in person in a meeting attended by 600 delegates including farmers, representatives of VNFU and corporation community. I am really impressed by and highly appreciate your opinions and straightforwardness.”

He also assured that Vietnam Communist Party and the Government always gave agriculture a high priority. Even though the agricultural sector has been gaining remarkable achievements, never has it reached its full potential. There’s still many problems to solve such as scattered and small scale production, farmers’ livelihood, poor productivity and competitiveness, and so on.

“We clearly see these problems faced by agriculture, rural areas and farmers but certainly not in a perfunctory manner”, said the Prime Minister.

In that spirit, the Prime Minister set out vision for comprehensive agriculture development towards modernization, sustainability, mass commodity production, high productivity and quality, efficiency, high competitiveness, national food security in both the short- and long run.

Furthermore, The Prime Minister highly commended representatives of relevant Ministries and sectors for their open and straightforward work during the discussion. Even the Head of Government himself also settled some urgent matters for farmers. The other issues were immediately assigned to relevant bodies to take prompt action in the sake of farmers and enterprises in investment, farming and agribusiness, new rural construction.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc firmly states that the Government and Prime Minister always care about agriculture, peasantry and rural areas.
Photo by VGP/Quang Hieu.

As for the Government, Prime Minister affirmed that he would continue to pay attention to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, set up new channels where farmers mattered, create favorable environment for agricultural and rural development as well as supporting farmers in reaching their full potential to enrich themselves and the country.

The meeting between Prime Minister and Vietnamese peasantry was organized jointly by VNFU and the Office of the Government and Hai Duong Provincial People’s Committee. Today Countryside Newspaper, VNFU, was directly in charge of the organization.

It ended up successfully with the participants of nearly 800 delegates.

Hong Lien, Hai Ha - translated by Viet Ha
Nguồn: Dan Viet - http://danviet.vn/
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