VNFU Chairman: On-the-job training in sustainable farming process for farmers
15:08 - 17/05/2018
“The commune needs to organize on-the-job training in sustainable farming process for members, farmers”, VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung said to staff, members and farmers in An Hai, Ninh Phuoc District Ninh Thuan Province during his working trip in the morning of May 15th.

Reporting to the delegation headed by VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung, Tran Khanh Ninh, Deputy Secretary of An Hai Communal Party Committee, addressed that the commune was an agricultural production area diverse in products with various efficient economic development models. Particularly, models of asparagus, green onion, peanut, grape, apple, raddish, etc. were helping farmers stablize their income, he added. 
Chairman Thao Xuan Sung speaks at the session.

According to Deputy Secretary Ninh, implementing the National Target Program for building new-style rural areas, the local authority in collaboration with Farmers’ Union has been focus on disseminating and popularizing information about the program among local staff and farmers, thus it is spreading broadly.  

As a result, FU successfully call for farmers to contribute 12,881 m2 of land, 1.2 billion dong and 790 workdays to restore and newly construct more than 8.8 km of rural traffic road. And by now, 19 out 19 communes in the district have been recognized as new-style rural areas. Beside advantages, An Hai Commune also encountered many challenges, especially some farm products often suffer from price drop despite bumper crop and vice versa.

Ho Thanh Phong, Chairman of An Hai Communal FU shared that the movement of good production and business farmers, union for enrichment and stable poverty reduction had made considerable progress. And one of the best results of this is the three efficient safe vegetable production models using water saving irrigation system in sandy land. 

This model helps plants grow strongly, prevent pests, save water and improve farmers’ income. Additionally, there are also safe vegetable production model with 238 ha and 479 farm households, and asparagus model helping local ethnic minority escape poverty and enrich themselves.   
Asparagus helps enrich many farmers in An Hai Commune, Ninh Phuoc District (Ninh Thuan Province).

Speaking at the working session, VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung highly appreciated that An Hai Communal FU had proactively review and improve quality of local members and farmers. He also commended the communal FU on working closely with the local authority on on-the-job training.  

It is this method that attract staff and farmers joining”, the chairman emphasized.

In order to develop the union in the future, VNFU Chairman demanded that An Hai Commune, with the counselling and collaboration of FU, need to complete steps to training for farmers. He added that the commune also need to focus on develop vocational cooperatives, organize training for farmers in sustainable farming techniques, climate change adaptation, etc.

During the time in Ninh Thuan, Chairman Sung and the delegation also paid a visit to sandy land-based asparagus model of Hung Ky, an outstanding farmer in An Hai Commune, annually generating over 300 million dong in profit. The asparagus field of Hung Ky is, currently, applying technology of water saving irrigation, pest preventation and productivity improvement. 

The chairman stated that under harsh conditions in South Central Coast, to replace rice with asparagus was the right direction to serve domestic demand as well as export business. He also praised the asparagus model to be very practical, successful and economically efficient.  

Chairman Thao Xuan Sung said: “Farmers needs to change their mindset about farming practices, find new efficient model to apply. In the future, Central VNFU will continue to cooperate with relevant bodies to support members and farmers to build brands, geographical indications so as to improve product value, export asparagus of Ninh Thuan to international market. And the important thing is that farmers and relevant agencies need to complete the farming process for asparagus”.
Cong Tam - translated by Mai Huong
Nguồn: Dan Viet -
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