'Cow bank' gives farmers in Bac Ninh the chance to escape from poverty
10:26 - 18/06/2018
Since 2016, the “Cow bank” Program of Bac Ninh Provincial FU has been helping dozens of poor members, farmers by providing them with breeder cows to develop husbandry, and ultimately escape from poverty.
Helping poor farm households overcome difficulties
Since her husband passed away at such young age due to a fatal disease, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bac at Xuan Dong Hamlet, Hoa Long Commune, Bac Ninh City has been struggling to provide her children, thus, life has been very tough to the family. With the encouragement and support from neighbors, she overcame the pain and is doing her best to be the breadwinner. 
Leaders of Bac Ninh Provincial FU giving cows to poor households in Hoa Long Commune, Bac Ninh City. Photo by Thu Ha.
“In time to come, levels of FU in Bac Ninh Province will continue to mobilize institutional and individual sponsors to extend the program to help poor households get a better life.”
Mr. Nguyen Cong Thao, Vice Chairman of Bac Ninh Provincial FU

Sympathizing with Bac, in the beginning of 2016, the communal FU made the decision to give her a loan in form of breeder cow. To Bac, that cow is the preciously emotional and physical support. “Receiving the cow and technical training from the FU, I made up mind to move on. Besides time at school, my kids also help me to collect grass for the cow, which makes things not so hard”, Bac shared.

As the breadwinner, Mr. Bui Van Doan (1985) in Xuan Ai Hamlet, Hoa Long Commune, Bac Ninh City has to suffer from severe illness that’s been taking away all his family’s savings. Doan confided: “In 2013, after the third child was born, I found out that I had colorectal cancer. Ever since, I’ve been taking chemotherapy, costing a lot of money. In 2017, receiving a breeder cow from FU, we all felt that it was such a heartwarming manner. I hope my family can soon earn enough money to pay back to the FU so that it can continue to help other poor households.”
Spreading love
From a poor farm household to an outstanding one at national level, every year, Mr. Vu Ngoc Tan, Director of Bac Ninh Commerce and Toursim Company in Hoa Long Commune (Bac Ninh City), regularly donates an amount of money to help poor people via FU. When he knew the local FU develop the “Cow Bank” program, he donated a calf valueing 15 million dong. Many other enterprises and outstanding farm households in Hoa Long Commune also donate to the “Cow Bank” of the FU. 
Mr. Bui Huu Truong, Chairman of Hoa Long Communal FU, stated that following the directions of the provincial and district FU, in 2016, the communal FU officially launched “Cow Bank” program. The program was facilitated by the local Party Committee and authority. With the donation of 10,000 dong per household among FU members, the FU would buy a calf to give to a poor household committed to pay back 50% of calf value after the cow giving birth to the first calf. 
In 2017, the FU managed to mobilize local enterprises to donate more than 30 million dong to buy two more calves, raising the number of cows given to poor households in the commune to 3. “The communal FU regularly came to check up and guide those household through techniques to help them raise the calves and prevent diseases. Most of the breeder cows from the “Cow Bank” provided by the FU are growing well”, he informed.
The “Cow Bank” is a program launched by the provincial FU in the area of Bac Ninh province since 2016. It is a long-term strategy to help poor farm households own production materials, improve income to escape from poverty. The beneficiaries of the program are poor farm households capable to raise cow.  
Thu Ha translated by Viet Ha
Nguồn: Dan Viet - http://danviet.vn/
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