The Chairperson of VNFU pays a visit to the billion village with 50 years of hen husbandry in Southwest region
11:30 - 19/06/2018
During the trip to Long An Province to monitor the implementation of Party Central Committee (term X) ’s Resolution No. 7 on agriculture, farmers rural areas, the group led by Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Chairperson of VNFU, paid a visit to Tan Lan Commune (Can Duoc District).
VNFU Chairperson Thao Xuan Sung visits the chicken farm of Mr. Nguyen Van Lai. Photo by Tran Dang.

Billions worth chicken farms
Secretary of Can Duoc District Party Committee, Nguyen Viet Cuong, was the guide taking the working group to the billions worth chicken farms with years of tradition in Tan Lan Commune. According to Cuong, the village has been developing hen farming for almost 50 years.
Mr. Nguyen Van Lai, Director of Ao Gon Cooperative shared that the cooperative had 16 household members with a flock of 80,000 hens, and each household members were taking care of 5,000 – 20,000 hens. His farm alone had 20,000 hens, Lai added. Every year, his farm reached 3 billion dong in revenue from eggs, not to mention nearly 20 milllion dong monthly from selling chicken waste, he said.        
Not faraway from Lai’s farm is the farm of Mr. Chin Ty (real name: Duong Van Ty). Mr. Chin Ty established this farm 7 years ago. “My farm used to be an open farm. However, after some time of practice, I had to cope with severe diseases. For that reason, to improve productivity and quality of the egg, I decided to upgrade my farm to a cold farm”, he informed.
To realize that model, Chin Ty had to invested more than one billion dong. Currently, his flock has a total of nearly 20,000 hens. According to Chin Ty, his monthly revenue is about 300 million dong from eggs.
Mr. Tran Van Chiem, Chairman of Can Duoc District FU, shared that, Tan Lan Village known for its chicken farming currently had 93 industrial hen farms and 360 broiler farms. “Chicken farmers in the village now have a wealthy life”, Chiem said.
Besides Ao Gon Cooperative, in Tan Lan Village, there is Tan My Egg and Broiler Cooperative. After visiting the site and hearing stories of chicken farmers, VNFU Chairperson Thao Xuan Sung stated that he was impressed and convinced by the way of doing of them.
Creating worth-living rural areas
"The province needs to focus on exploiting existing advantages, building brand for Tan Lan eggs to improve the consumption and value of the egg and enrich farmers."

VNFU Chairperson Thao Xuan Sung

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Trinh, Secretary of Tan Lan Communal Party Committee, after 10 years of implementing Party Central Committee (term X) ’s Resolution No. 7 on agriculture, farmers rural areas, significant changes can be seen at Tan Lan, especially on social side. “10 years ago, Tan Lan was in hardship. Local people mostly worked on scattered, small scale; the number of poor households was considerable. Average income per capital in 2008 was only 18 million dong. But, things have changed, that number now is 52 million dong per person per year. This is due to the linkage in business among farmers”, Trinh said.
At the meeting with Tan Lan Communal authority, VNFU Chairperson Thao Xuan Sung highly appreciated the spirit and the effort of the local authority and people to escape from poverty, enrich themselves. The Chairperson thought that Tan Lan Commune was gradually becoming a worth-living countryside after all the efforts to build a new style rural area.
Tran Dang translated by Hong Linh
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