Vice Chairperson of VNFU, Leu Vu Dieu, pays a visit to Bac Ninh province: Support members and farmers in expanding pilot models
14:31 - 11/07/2018
(VNFU Website) – Vice Chairperson of VNFU, Leu Vu Dieu, paid a visit to a few production models of good production and business farmers in Tien Du District. The delegation headed by the Vice Chairperson included leaders of some departments and units of VNFU, and standing committee members of the provincial FU.

The delegation visits industrial sewing facility of Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhung.

The delegation visited the industrial sewing facility of Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhu, member of the union, in Thuong Hamlet, Canh Hung Commune. With 65 industrial sewing machines, the facility routinely outsources goods for Ninh Hiep Wholesale Market. The facility creates regular jobs for 70 persons with average monthly income of 6 – 7 million dong per capita.

During the trip, the delegation also paid a visit to VAC model (a conceptual model integrating garden, fish pond and animal shed) of farmer Pham Tien Thang in Hien Van Commune. On 43 ha of land, his model is currently consisting of a 500-forest hog herd, a 500 commercial hog herd, 30 ha of paddy field integrated with fish farming, 1.5 ha specialized for commercial fish farming, and 1,000 Dien pomelo trees. Every year, the farm puts on the market 200 tons of fish of many types, 40 tons of forest hogs, 200 tons of commercial hogs, creates regular jobs for 12 local people with 5 million dong per capital in monthly income. The total revenue of the farm reaches 5 billion dong per year.

Vice Chairperson of VNFU, Leu Vu Dieu, acknowledged and highly appreciated positive results achieved by local members and farmers in expanding production, diversifying business, reducing unemployment, and improving income. He also demanded that levels of the local FU, in time to come, should continue to facilitate and support farmers and members in business and production development, particularly multiplying local pilot models.
Administration Department of Bac Ninh Provincial FU - translated by Mai Huong
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