Chairperson of VNFU visits the region of custard apple generating billions dong in Lang Son Province
16:32 - 18/07/2018
On July 16, the monitoring group of the Steering Committee for reviewing 10 years of implementing Party Central Committee (term X) ’s Resolution No. 7 on agriculture, farmers rural areas headed by Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Chairperson of VNFU, had a meeting with Lang Son Provincial FU and related Departments and Sectors of the province.
The monitoring group worked with the Standing Committee of Chi Lang District Party Committee about the implementation of Party Central Committee (term X) ’s Resolution No. 7 on agriculture, farmers rural areas. Reporting to the group, Mr. Dinh Huu Hoc, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee and Chairperson of Chi Lang District People’s Committee said that despite being a mountainous district, after 10 years of implementing Party Central Committee (term X) ’s Resolution No. 7, the district had obtained many positive achievements, more specifically the infrastructure was complete and convenient year-round, and all 21 out of 21 communes, towns in the district had solid concrete roads all the way to the communal centers, etc. By which, it helped add more value to agricultural goods and in fact value of agricultural sector exceeded 1,500 billion dong in 2017, increasing 776 billion dong compared to 2008 (data based on actual price), he added. On new-style rural area construction, the district currently had 5 out 19 communes fully satisfying 19 standards, he informed. Mr. Hoc also shared that many models generating hundreds of dong per in income such as custard apple model, pomelo model, etc. had been set up in communes of Chi Lang, Huu Lung and so on.

An overview of the meeting between the delegation headed by Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Chairperson of VNFU, and Chi Lang District Party Committee.

To leaders and farmers in Chi Lang District, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung stated: ‘In order to increase income for farmers, the local authorities need to effectively develop local specialties, apply technology to production, especially crossbreed indigenous custard apple with Thai one to enhance productivity and quality aiming for export. In additionally, the district should make environment for agro-tourism, ecotourism and heritage tourism to thrive so as to improve farmers’ income and promote local specialties.’
Chairperson Thao Xuan Sung visits Mr. Ma Van Let's custard apple garden.

As part of the monitoring, on the same day, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Chairperson of VNFU, also stopped by a custard apple production model applying hi-tech in Chi Lang Commune, Chi Lang District, Lang Son Province.
The Chairperson came to the garden to exchange experience with local staff and farmers in person. ‘The soil in Chi Lang is very much suitable for custard apple tree, thus, the commune should take advantages of it to develop this fruit into local specialty to improve income for the people here. Particularly, as the matter of fact, Lang Son adjoins China, the world’s largest fruit consumer. As long as people in Chi Lang concentrate on making delicious goods, they won’t have to worry about consumption market’, the Chairperson claimed.
During the trip, Mr. Sung also paid a visit to the model of Mr. Ma Van Let, a well-known farmer for growing custard apple with high income in Chi Lang. ‘Farmers in Chi Lang are not only resilient and heroic in wartime, but also extremely creative and bold during economic development process in peacetime since custard apples derived from this very commune are famous for their wonderful taste both nationwide and worldwide. I hope that in time to come farmers in Chi Lang will continue to do their best to produce many more commodities with better quality so as to increase their income’, the Chairperson emphasized.
Farmers in Chi Lang Commune, Chi Lang District have currently adopted drip irrigation technology in their custard apple garden which helps cut down water but still provides good care for the plants.
Besides custard apple models, the Chairperson of VNFU also visits pomelo models in Chi Lang District, Lang Son Province.

Tran Quang - translated by Minh Hue
Nguồn: Dan Viet -
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