Maize-cattle integrated farming model (2B model) helps enrich farmers
17:01 - 20/07/2018
Over the years, Cho Moi District Supporting Fund for Farmers (An Giang Province) has been helping hundreds of members, farmers get loans to expand their production including the maize-cattle model (2B model), creating jobs, playing an active role in implementing National Target Program on New Style Rural Area Building at the province.

Cho Moi District Support Fund for Farmers is currently managing nearly 5.3 billion dong including 2.54 billion dong entrusted by the National FU, 1.04 billion dong entrusted by the Provincial Party Committee, and nearly 1.7 billion dong of mobilized from different sources. With this budget, the district FU has been providing loans for 177 farm households, investing several models and projects, such as VietGAP mango production, safe vegetable farming, cattle fattening, cattle fattening maize-cattle (2B), etc., to bring in dozens to hundreds of dong in income for local farm households.
With the loans from Supporting Fund for Farmers, many farm households in Cho Moi District have developed herd of cattle for breeding. Photo by Dinh Duc.

Mr. Le Van Phung, Vice Chairman of Cho Moi District FU, informed that those successful models had had good effects on local crop and livestock conversion. Till then, the district had converted over 600 ha including almost 400 ha of paddy fields, over 200 ha of vegetable fields converted to fruit tree planting land, and about 8.5 ha of mixed gardens converted to planned fruit gardens, he added. According to Cho Moi District FU, area of land for fruit tree farming all over the district is approximately 5,800 ha (84.4% of which is used for mango farming), total scale of cattle herd reaches 21,500 animals, and 2B models in communes of My An, An Thach Trung, Hoi An, Kien An is developing, etc.
Cho Moi District FU helps members, farmers participate in collective economic models, build production development models in order to make best use of the loans. Furthermore, the Union also collaborates with centers and divisions of Agriculture and Rural Development of the district and other districts in the province to organize training courses, transfer technology and techniques of farming, disease prevention.
Besides, Cho Moi District FU provides services, support and loans from other sources to help its members, farmers expand production and improve their living condition. It also works with Vietnam Bank for Social Policy to help 4,000 poor households, households under national preferential treatment policies as well as cooperating with Agriculture and Rural Development Bank to provide loans for nearly 600 households with total debit balance of more than 31 billion dong. 
According to Mr. Le Van Phung, models invested by Supporting Fund for Farmers also makes positive impact on members, farmers in implementing activities and programs of the Union. Every year, they help create jobs for over 2,000 local members, farmers, attract more than 500 farmers to join the Union.
Dinh Duc - translated by Hoa Mai
Nguồn: Dan Viet -
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