Hai Lang District Farmers’ Union (Quang Tri province): Supporting farmers to produce clean and high quality agricultural products
17:00 - 06/07/2018
(VNFU Website) – This is the goal that the District Farmers’ Union aims to support the efficient exploitation of land and labor potential, creating key products that are competitive and helping farmers improve their income.

Hai Lang farmers display, promote their high quality agricultural products
Members, farmers in Hai An, Hai Khe, Hai Vinh, Hai Duong communes have been investing in planting chives trees in accordance to VietGAP model, which brings the average productivity from 70 to 80 million dong per hectare. Chives in Hai Lang is also granted certificates of compliance with food safety regulations. Thanks to that, farmers are excited by the good crop harvest, good price, and the preference from domestic and foreign consumers.
Promoting the strength of lowland area, alluvial soil along the river, members and farmers in Hai Chanh, Hai Ba, Hai Tan and Hai Hoa communes focus on organic rice production with high quality rice varieties provided by Dai Nam Trade Co.,Ltd to produce clean and high quality rice products.
To build up the brand named “Hai Lang Rice”, farmers in Hai Lang district have selected good varieties, cultivated in a safety way, ensured food safety and hygiene after harvest. Currently, the product “Hai Lang rice” has met the needs of the market and is able to compete with other products. This product achieves a yield of 5 tons per hectare, the price of fresh rice is 7,000 dong per kilogram, the profit is 28.2 million dong per hectare; 19.4 million dong per hectare higher than traditional rice products. In 2017-2018 winter-spring crop, local farmers produced more than 35 hectares of organic rice.
For the ineffective rice area, farmers shifted into lotus plantation. 24 farmers in Hai Son commune plant more than 20 hectares of high productivity and quality lotus. Mr Quang’s lotus field yields 2.5 tons per hectare and the selling price is 50,000 dong per kilogram of fresh unshelled seeds.
Moreover, farmers in local area have also implemented growing vegetables in greenhouse model. By using hydroponic system with Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and automatic irrigation system, lettuce and melon grow well and are trusted by the consumers.
Taking advantages of hilly area, farmers in Hai Chanh, Hai Vinh, Hai Phu communes multiply planting ginger in cemennt bags model to actively source of raw materials for making ginger jam. In addition, farmers in Hai Chanh and Hai Lam communes plant 45 hectares of K4 orange. On the hills of Hai lam commune, 10 hectares of land has been cultivated, which is cooperated by 8 households to provide better productivity and quality. Many local farmers have invested in hi-tech pepper cultivation with imported seedlings from abroad, organic fertilizers and technology investment.
Typically, for example, Cap Quoc Ha household (Hai Chanh commune) plants 800 roots of Srilanka pepper for havesting and 1,000 roots of crossbreed India pepper with Vinh Long pepper are growing well.
In the coming time, Hai Lang FU will continue to support members, farmers in linking production, expanding the production area of key crops with high quality and brand name, contributing to increase people’s income.
Phuong Thien – Translated by Mai Huong
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