Dong Thap Provincial FU: Stays close to the grassroots, takes care of members
14:50 - 27/09/2018

After five years of implementing the Resolution of the 7th VNFU's National Congress (tenor 2013-2018), Dong Thap Provincial FU's Executive Committee has achieved various impressive results which are helping thousands of members settle, produce and escape poverty sustainably.

Excellently fulfilling major tasks

Nguyen Van Nguyen, Chairman of Dong Thap Provincial FU, informed that in 2-day time (September 24-25) the 9th Dong Thap Provincial FU’s Congress (tenor 2018-2023) would take place. For the last 5 years of the tenor, the Provincial FU’s Executive Committee had taken the lead and given directions so that FU’s activities, tasks and farmers’ movements could make good progress, said him.

The Provincial FU has actively encouraged and mobilized its members, farmers to engage in project on agricultural restructuring by which helped agricultural production in the province continue to sustain and develop more in quality and efficiency.
Thao Xuan Sung, Chairman of VNFU (the third one from the left) visits a red tilapia cooperative in Binh Thanh Commune, Cao Lanh District, Dong Thap Province. Photo by Huynh Xay.
Furthermore, the guiding and administration of levels of FU at the province have been enhanced and shifted towards a more grassroots- and member-oriented way as well, as a result, the problem of administratively protocolizing FU activities had been avoided to some extent. For that reason, several indexes of the province pointed out in the Resolution of the National Congress are considered fairly good, annual major tasks are also effectively executed.

During the tenor of 2013-2018, levels of FU in Dong Thap Province recruited 71,801 new members, annually had 95.58% excellent sub-units, 4.43% good ones and none weak ones.

Levels of FU also established 709 money pools (5,452 members) for solid and semi-solid building construction (3,801 buildings constructed), 402 money pools (4,412 members) for household equipment, 3,761 money pools (67,121 members) for support rotation, 55 money pools (513) for computers, etc.  

Supporting farmers in enriching themselves
Recruited 71,801 new members; had 95.58% of excellent sub-units

Established 709 money pools for solid and semi-solid building construction

Helped 8,317 members and farmers access to better conditions for production to sustainably escape from poverty

“For the current tenor, levels of FU in the province have been initiating many movements to support members and farmers, notably the Good production and business farmer, union for enrichment and stable poverty reduction movement (the movement). About this movement, the FU has proactively collaborated with local Veterans’ Union, Women’s Union, Communist Youth Union, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to launch the movement province-wide till 2020”, Nguyen stated.

Through numerous methods which are support in funding, technology, vocational training, etc., levels of FU have given a proper boost to the movement and attracted members, farmers to engage in. Every year, levels of FU launch the movement and successfully attract more than 60% household member to engage in, and after assessment over 44% of which are qualified for the title (these households’ annual income exceeds 315 million dong per household on average).

Additionally, in recent years, levels of FU in Dong Thap Province have encouraged local farmers to grow different produce other rice as at some places rice gives poor performances; converted mixed gardens into specialized fruit gardens that potentially generate high economic value as well as matching local key commodities and advantages; set up and expanded models of farming which are efficient and bring in practical benefits for farmers. Some of those good models, for example, are the sweet corn production and consumption club, GlobalGAP-certified tangerine cooperative group, VietGAP-certified guava cooperative, rice seedling production cooperative group, etc.
Hong Cam - translated by Minh Hue
Nguồn: Dan Viet -
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