Son La Province: Lower discontent amongst farmers, explore agricultural potential
11:46 - 17/09/2018
Son La is a mountainous province resided by 12 ethnic minorities, encountering many disadvantages in both material and people's common intellectual standard. Howerver, with the support of levels of FU, int the recent years, the provincial agriculture, farmers and rural areas have shown many good signs.

Unlocking self-awareness amongst people

In order to promote the role of household economy and help members, farmers self-consciously, proactively alleviate poverty, enrich themselves on the soil of their hometown, for the past few years, Son La Provincial FU has had many comprehensive and effective solutions.
 The Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Hoang Van Chat (right), promotes farmers’ products during a trade promotion event in person. Photo by K.T.
Besides solidifying and developing the Union, Son La Provincial FU focuses on investing in dissemination, mobilizing, training etc. activities, so as to change the awareness of members, farmers and then their operation in production, business to reduce poverty and enrich themselves.

For the last 5 years, the provincial FU has organized courses for training, advisory purpose, vocational guiding, legal awareness, commodity production techniques, etc. for over 16,500 members and farmers. Moreover, the Union also supported farmers in setting up 10 models of drip irrigation for fruit plants, industrial crops and so on. These are models built for farmers’ field trips and replicating amongst farmers.

The Union, joined by enterprises, has formed 93 models of technology transfer served for hundreds of farmers and 11 farming cooperatives. Lu Van Phang, Chairman of Ngoc Chien Communal People’s Committee (Muong La District), addressed: “Waking up self-awareness and emulating spirit amongst people is a must so that they themselves can make their life better. Dissemination, training and mobilizing firstly must be for changing people’s awareness, mindset and way of doing”.

Thanks to those aforementioned practical activities, Muong La District FU has played quite a role in waking up the potential of local agro-forestry, notably via Ngoc Chien coldwater fish, Muong Chien glutinous rice, etc. “We expect Ngoc Chien would become an ecotourism destination in Son La Province”, Phang believed.

Converting slopes into ‘golden’ fields

Agriculture plays a major role in Son La Province’s economy. In spite of disadvantageous terrain and harsh climate, never before has Son La’s agriculture obtained such huge achievements like now. More specifically, Son La has stood out to be one of a few provinces in the Northern Vietnam exporting thousands of tons of vegetables, flowers and so on each year. 

This achievement is due to the proactiveness of local Party Committee, authorities, sectors, unions in Son La in directing and conducting agricultural, farmers and rural development programmes. Every change in Son La’s agriculture is put on the table of provincial leaders. The image of provincial leaders promoting local produce in person is more to be seen day by day.

Hoang Suong, Chairman of Son La Provincial FU shared that as the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Committee and Departments had engaged themselves in, levels of FU in the province also needed to make a move. “Visitors are impressed by the diversity of agricultural products, both in quantity and quality. But they’re even more amazed when they find out that those products in front of them are actually grown on slopes – the kind of terrain is considered most unsuitable for agricultural production”, Suong said.

Also, according to Suong, in agricultural development, Son La not only calls for investment from foreign investor, but also very conscious of mobilizing resources amongst local people in order to build up commodity advantages for the province. He stated: “Once that advantage is explored effectively and becomes actual commodities, Son La will definitely support farmers in consumption by expanding market-seeking activities, building brand, etc. As for 2018, Son La has exported thousands of tons of produce to various countries such as Australia, China, Europe, Japan and so on.”

Nowadays, coming to the lands of slopes that were used to be known for its poverty like districts of Muong La, Bac Yen, Yen Chau, Quynh Nhai, Mai Son, Phu Yen, etc. in Son La, people can see tremendous changes. Those once were fallow hills, now have turned into fruitful gardens.
Kieu Minh Ngoc - translated by My Linh
Nguồn: Dan Viet -
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