Farmers in Quang Ngai are getting active to be ready for integration
16:48 - 25/09/2018
In recent years, Quang Ngai Provincial FU has put many efforts into disseminating and mobilizing; guiding and supporting farmers in agricultural production so that they can engage in linkages, ensure safe and sustainable standards, thus the FU can earn farmers, members’ trust.

Accompanying farmers

For the past years, levels of FU in Quang Ngai Province have been stepping up dissemination, mobilization, as a result, farmers in districts of Binh Son, Son Tinh, Nghia Hanh, Mo Duc and so on have gradually changed their habits in production to balance environment and business benefits.
For example, farmers in Binh Thoi Commune (Binh Son District) have established a cooperative group of farmers growing clean vegetables, and currently produce on an area of 1.6 ha at Cay Ghen Field. As the group follows a strict process from production to distribution under the supervision of the communal FU, its products are trusted and highly appreciated by consumers. Many farmers in the province even created new organic production processes based on integrated disease control method, such as ‘paddy field, flower shore’, ‘vegetable garden, flower shore’, ‘herbicide-free fields’, etc.

Mushroom model of Duc Nhuan Mushroom Cooperative (Mo Duc District) annually generates hundreds of millions in income. Photo by Dong Xuan.
Especially, the provincial FU proactively collaborated with Agribank to give farmers unsecured loans (1,356 billion dong) and Vietnam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP) to give 1,387 billion dong of loans. Besides, the local Supporting Fund for Farmers also reached 31.3 billion dong. The fund provides turnover capital which is used to support thousands of farmers in production expansion, escaping from poverty and enriching themselves.
As well as that, the provincial FU also made it possible to mobilize from several resources to invest in models, projects for farmers to expand production, such as the ‘5-no’ organic mushroom model of the provincial Center for Vocational Training and Supporting Farmers, safe vegetable model of farmers in Nghia Dung Commune (Quang Ngai City), clean agricultural model in Hanh Thinh Commune (Nghia Hanh District), etc.
Aiming for safe agriculture

Model of pig farming with herbal feed of Tan Hoa Phu Cooperative (Hanh Tin Tay Commune, Nghia Hanh District) has been supported in feed, breeding stock and guided through initial techniques since June 2017 by the provincial FU, with the total budget of nearly 400 million dong.
Since the pigs are feeded with traditional feed mixed with herbs, pork is delicious and guarantees food safety. Currently, herbal pork of Tan Hoa Phu Cooperative is well received by consumers in the province and has stable consumption sources. Therefore, members of the cooperative always earn 1.5-2 times higher in income compared to traditional pig farming.
Up to this point, in Quang Ngai, 7 specialized safe vegetable production areas in flat districts have been established with a total area of 293.1 ha. 15 organizations and 5 individuals are currently engaging in certified safe vegetable production at these areas. The province also introduced a guideline to set up a 30-ha organic rice farming area.
For animal husbandry, many farmers have cooperated with enterprises for investment (capital, new techniques and technology) in order to improve product quality. For example, pig farm of Phong Thanh Co., Ltd. with 15 billion dong of investment was VietGAP-certified in 2017.
The aforementioned results not only make positive impacts on agricultural labour restructuring, but also are opportunities for farmers to learn and adopt new technologies in production, which will strengthen the linkage between farmers-scientists-enterprises-the State, and help local farmers get ready for development and integration.
Dong Xuan - translated by My Linh
Nguồn: Dan Viet -
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