63 outstanding farmers visit VNFU HQs in Hanoi for the first time
10:06 - 16/10/2018
On October 13, in Hanoi, Heads of VNFU held a warm meeting and honoring ceremony for farmers which are outstanding farmers of 2018. VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung chaired the meeting.

An overview of the meeting between heads of VNFU and 63 outstanding farmers of 2018. Photo by Trong Hieu.

Asserting the role of farmers
After 6 years, Vietnamese Farmers’ Pride Programme has selected, honored and presented the title of Outstanding Vietnamese Farmers to over 370 farmers from all over the country. They are all exemplary members of VNFU, have obtained significant achievements in 3 major movements initiated and organized by VNFU which are movement of good production and business farmer, union for enrichment and stable poverty reduction, movement of farmers participating in new-style rural construction, movement of farmers participating in maintaining national security.

VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung gladly receives a painting of terraced rice field in Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai Province) as a gift to VNFU from the representative of 63 Outstanding Vietnamese Farmers of 2018. Photo by Trong Hieu.

At the meeting, Chairman Thao Xuan Sung informed the delegation of 63 Outstanding Vietnamese Farmers of 2018 about the role, activities of VNFU and the current status of Vietnamese agriculture, farmers, rural areas. The chairman acknowledged and commended all the efforts and creativity of this year’s 63 outstanding farmers.

Chairman Thao Xuan Sung highly appreciated and commended achievements of 63 Outstanding Vietnamese Farmers of 2018, and suggested topics for the delegation to openly and frankly discuss with VNFU regarding agriculture, farmers, rural areas, etc. Photo by Trong Hieu.

The Chairman firmly stated that making up almost 70% of the population and 50% of direct labour force of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, etc., Vietnamese farmers nationwide, from the young to the elderly, were always loyal to the Party, hard-working, creative, united to realize guidelines, directions of the Party, laws, as a result they had made a lot of considerable succces in agricultural production for the last 30 years of Doi Moi (Renovation).

“We definitely have the right to claim that along every stage of the country’s development farmers are always there, do there best to serve the country. Particularly, 63 Outstanding Vietnamese Farmers here today are the best to represent the new generation of farmers in the era of agricultural and rural industrialization, modernization, and international integration. 63 Outstanding F armers are truly beautiful flowers potraiting the diligence, creativity and resilience of Vietnamese people in general and Vietnamese farmers in particular”, Chairman Thao Xuan Sung emphasized.
Concentrating resources to support farmers

During the meeting, many delegates shared their achievements as well as difficulties, obstacles they came across in production, new-style rural construction together with ensuring national security so that VNFU can help them find solutions.

Several Outstanding Vietnamese Farmers of 2018 report their achievements and problems, proposals, requests towards VNFU, the Party, the Government. Photo by Trong Hieu.

On behalf of VNFU leadership, Chairman Thao Xuan Sung replied to all the requests and proposals of delegates. On agricultural credit, the Chairman was pleased to inform the delegation about results of the Meeting between Prime Minister and Vietnamese Peasantry organized by VNFU in Hai Duong Province in the last April. Specifically, via the meeting, Prime Minister ordered governmental bodies and local authorities to practically solve problems coped by peasantry and motivate them in the context of international integration.

VNFU acknowledged and will fully summarize all opinions and proposals of the delegates here. Then, the Executive Committee of VNFU will study them thoroughly in order to make proper changes to the direction, tasks and activities of the union in the next term of 2018-2023 starting from VNFU’s 7th National Congress to satisfy the desire for enrichment among farmers which is also a major concern of VNFU. VNFU promises to always be there for Vietnamese peasantry along the way to develop our country, agriculture, peasantry and rural areas”, the chairman stressed.
During the meeting, Chairman Sung also gave commendations to 51 delegates representing Outstanding Vietnamese Farmers of 2018.

Thu Ha & Trong Hieu - translated by Hong Linh
Nguồn: Dan Viet - http://danviet.vn/
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