Luong Tai Farmers’ Union (Bac Ninh province): “4-house” linkage – to enable the farmers to develop production
16:56 - 01/12/2018
(VNFU Portal) – Establishing a linkage of “4 houses” in agricultural production including farmers, State, scientists and enterprises is considered to be a preeminent model linked to production, processing and consumption to step up sustainable agricultural development into a large-scale and modern commodity production. Be profoundly aware of it, the district Farmer’s Union has actively assisted its members and farmers in joining the “4-houses” linkage for past time.

Mr. Tran Dang Sam – Chairman of the provincial Farmers’ Union visits hot-pepper growing model in Luong Tai District
For 5 years, the Union’s agencies have coordinated with the Agricultural Office, Agricultural Extension Station, Plant Protection Station and enterprises in organizing 1,038 training courses on scientific and technical transfer to 122,415 members and farmers; the Social Policy, Agriculture and Rural Development Bank signed an unsecured loan coordination program to help its members and farmers in agricultural development. Up to now, total outstanding balance at the banks directly managed by the Union is over 75 billion VND for 3,200 households.
In addition, the district Farmers’ Union has proactively established a district-level Supporting Fund for Farmers with 390 million VND and developed financing projects from the provincial and central-level Supporting Fund for Farmers with total fund of 5.1 billion VND.
Besides, the Unions at all level there have supplied about 1,600 tons fertilizers of types in deferred payment for the farmers to serve for production and reduce the farmers’ difficulties in agricultural production and business. While, the district Farmers’ Union has proactively coordinated with Bac Ninh Newspaper, Today Rural Newspaper and district Broadcast Station to inform of news of the Union’s activities and farmers movements and examples of the good households and introduce quality agricultural products.
Be clearly aware of the locality’s available advantages and potentials in developing concentrated agricultural production zones, the Farmers’ Unions at all levels has mobilized their members and farmers to proactively participate in agricultural service cooperative, aquaculture cooperative, general business, cultivation and husbandry and establish value chain based production models; application of some cultivation and husbandry models initially brings positive efficiency. Typically, it is the linkage program between the district Farmers’ Union and Hung Gia Nguyen Co., Ltd in producing and underwriting carrots and cabbage for export; Hai Phong Agricultural Export – Import Co., Ltd with green asparagus model; and Nippon Zonki Pharmaceutical Company with New Zealand rabbit growing model.

For the next time, to promote role of the Farmers’ Union in assisting its members and farmers in “4-houses” linkage, the district Farmers’ Union has proactively linked to the unions and enterprises in training on scientific and technical transfer; applying new breeds and varieties to production on a basis suitable to available potentials linked to product consumption; propagandizing and disseminating to enable the farmers to change traditional production habits and apply standard production process and improve quality and value of agricultural products; and create farmer-farmer link to increase competitiveness and establish concentrated production zones.  
Thu Anh, Bac Ninh Farmers’ Union- Translated by Hoa Mai
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