Telling numbers after 05 years
14:01 - 11/12/2018
The followings are some important results of supporting farmers in cooperation, economic development, social activities, health and the operation that Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) at all levels have achieved in the last 5 years (2013- 2018).

"Supporting each other" with the Supporting Fund for Farmers
The emulation movement of farmers doing good production and business has become the focal point in the economic and social life in the rural areas. There have been many models of household economy, interated farm economy, small and medium enterprises, cooperatives, cooperative groups linking in production, processing and consumption of products based on the value chain, bringing high economic efficiency. The family of Mr. Nguyen Loi Duc in An Giang province, for instance, with the model of rice seed production and cow breeding is applied with high technology; many large sample fields appear such as sugarcane fields in Gia Lai province, fields for rice production in the provinces of An Giang, Dong Thap, Tra Vinh and Bac Lieu...
VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung visiting the booth displaying agricultural products at the Congress of Bac Ninh provincial FU (term 2013-2018). Photo: L.T
It has attracted in the movement an average of over 6.5 million households registering every year, of which over 3.6 million households have achieved good production and business farmers at all levels, accounting for 113.2% compared to the criteria of Congress VI. Households producing and doing good business at all levels have helped over 220,000 poor households in agricultural supplies, labor days and product consumption ... Moreover, it has created local jobs for more than 11 million workers; helped more than 100,000 farmer households to escape from poverty, move to prosperous business; contributed to building tens of thousands of compassion houses and gratitude houses and helped over 1 million poor households to have more resources to develop production.
More than 9 million members and farmers participate in health insurance
Implementing the movement "The whole country jointly builds new countryside" and the "All people unite to build new countryside and civilized cities" campaign, FU at all levels have actively propagated and mobilized farmers to implement the criteria for new rural construction to achieve positive results, contributing to the effective implementation of the National Target Program on New Rural Construction. The farmers contributed over 17,000 billion VND, over 29 million public days, donated over 37 million square meters of land, renovated, repaired and upgraded over 480,000 kilometers of inland canals and 1,570,000 kilometers. Some localities registered to directly implement some specific criteria or participate in the construction of a new model of rural area.
FU at all levels mobilized millions of farmers to register their commitments on production, trading and consumption of safe food; mobilized more than 9 million members, farmers to take part in health insurance and 40,000 farmers to join voluntary social insurance.
Grapefruit harvesting in Xuan Van commune, Yen Son district, Tuyen Quang province. Photo: Nguyen Chinh
The total source of Supporting Fund for Farmers of the whole country is over 2,900 billion VND.
In the last term, thanks to the effective implementation of the Scheme on "Renovating and enhancing the operation efficiency of Supporting Fund for Farmers", the Fund has supported to develop 15,529 cooperative models and 310,050 turns of members to borrow money for economic development. The capital source under the result of coordination with the Bank for Social Policies and the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development increased sharply. Many localities actively coordinated with commercial banks to help members and farmers borrow hundreds of billions VND for their production and business.
Farmers in Cu Chi district (Ho Chi Minh City) shift to grow orchids which brings high income to them. Photo: SGGP
More than 23,000 farmers received vocational training
Implementing the scheme on vocational training for rural workers by 2020 according to Decision 1956 / QD-TTg dated on November 27, 2009 and Decision 971 / QD-TTg dated on July 1, 2015 of the Prime Minister, every year, FU at all levels directly organize and cooperate to organize vocational training for 231,605 farmers, reaching 105.3% of the target set in the 6th Congress. Over 80% of farmers have stable jobs after the vocational training. In addition, consultation and job introduction are provided to farmers and workers are brought to work abroad for a definite time.
FU at all levels proactively coordinate in organizing training, scientific and technical transfer, and building production models: 300,325 training courses on applying science and high technology into production for more than 15 million turns of farmer members; builded over 60,000 demonstration VietGAP models and successfully transferred 2,700 models of applying science and technology into production, preservation and processing of agricultural products.
Tuyen Quang farmers contribute to the new rural construction. Photo: T.L
The dialogue between the Prime Minister and farmers was held for the first time by VNFU Standing Committee on April 9, 2018 in Hai Duong province.  Many difficulties and obstacles of the farmers were solved, the belief of farmers to the State were strengthened, which motivates farmers to effectively implement the emulation movement of good production and business, new rural construction and sustainable poverty reduction.
Guiding on the establishment of 1135 cooperatives and 101.000 cooperative groups
FU at all levels coordinate to organize 240.594 propaganda for more than 12 million members and farmers on the Party's guidelines and the State’s policies and laws of collective economic development; 14691 training courses for 847600 turns of staff, members of cooperative groups, cooperatives on cooperative economic knowledge; coordinated with Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Cooperative Alliance to organize 9486 training courses for 434970 turns of FU staff on collective economy.
VNFU signed Cooperation Agreement with other Ministries and Agencies to promote the development of cooperative economy in agriculture and rural areas in the period of 2016-2020, aiming at successfully building 15,000 agricultural cooperatives effectively… FU at all levels guided to establish 1135 cooperatives and 101000 cooperative groups such as: soil making groups, plant protection groups, harvesting groups, supplying group, common interest groups, creating favorable conditions for the application of scientific and technical advances in production and business, contributing to job creation, income generation and improving living standards for farmers.
Expanding and strenghthening international cooperation
During term 2013-2018, the activities of cooperation, solidarity, study and exchanging experiences of VNFU at all levels were implemented in a more proactive, concrete and practical way. VNFU has become an official member of the Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA) since 2016.
The dissemination on foreign affairs have been renovated both in contents and forms. Over 1000 news, articles in English were uploaded in VNFU website. Besides, VNFU coordinated to make 165 reports, news broadcasted on domestic and foreign television stations. Dozens of training documents, proceedings were made and shared to individuals and organizations who concern both inside and outside the country.
The mobilization of resources continues to be strongly promoted with clear results. On the basis of the Program on promotion of foreign aid mobilization of VNFU in the period of 2014-2020, FU at all levels actively implemented international programs and projects. Therefore, the capacity of FU staff have been enhanced, numerous of economic and social models have been established and operated effectively. The work of fostering and improvement capacity for FU staff keeps on being concerned. 
Nam Phong - Translated by Hoa Mai
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