Bac Lieu Farmers’ Union: Supporting farmers in startup
14:57 - 17/12/2018
For recent years, the Farmers’ Unions have proactively coordinated with functional divisions in helping their members and farmers access to scientific and technical advances to production and contributing to income increase.

Supporting farmers in aquaculture (Illustrative photo. Source: Internet)

The Provincial Farmers’ Union has coordinated with the Department of Industry and Trade, the Department of Science – Technology, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and Can Tho University … in organizing seminars, conferences and talks to find solutions and help the farmers’ startup as well as communications to the Farmers’ Unions at grassroots. The farmers desiring startup must be fully supported with basic factors: land, capital source and labor force; especially they must be aware of applying the advanced science and technology synchronously with development infrastructures.
In the propaganda, the Farmers’ Union at grassroots always encourages its members and farmers to shift from household economy model to the cooperative model; from traditional production to high-tech production; from quantity to quality to increase value of the commodities and income, in combination with shift of new seedlings and breeds, creative thinking and brave application of science and technology. First, new seedlings and breeds are applied and production is based on process and quality. At higher level, the economic model is developed into enterprises and cooperatives.
Besides, the Provincial Farmers’ Union has directed the Provincial Center for Farmers Support and Education to coordinate with agricultural enterprises within and outside the province in accessing to the farmers, learning about demands, organizing scientific and technical instructions, signing exclusive product distribution, linking agricultural product consumption markets and accessing to advanced agricultural services. At the same time, the Provincial Farmers’ Union also directed the Farmers’ Union Fund to consider and finance the eligible farmers for their startup. The Provincial Farmers’ Union bravely signed credit guarantee to help the farmers borrow loans from the banks to invest into and expand husbandry, production, services and small-scale business.

In addition, the Provincial Farmers’ Union also determined that among the solutions to the farmers’ successful startup, it is required to support the farmers in technological investment into agricultural production and instruct procedures of building up collective trademark and label; obtain quick and accurate information on agricultural product markets and invest capitals into startup projects in a large scale such as Tai Nguyen rice in Vinh Loi District and Mot Bui Do rice in Hong Dan District … in order to increase value of such agricultural products.
In the Mekong Delta provinces, there isa generation of young farmers who have aspiration and well-trained and flexible to the market. More and more successful startup projects include “Solar powered pesticide sprayer”; “Solar powered tractor to serve for agricultural production”; “Microbial formulations from sugar-cane bagasse powder for extensive shrimp aquaculture” of Truc Anh Enterprise in Hiep Thanh Commune; Study of “investing machines and equipment to produce coconut ladle materials into wall tile for interior decoration”; “insecticide sprayer invented by Mr. Lam Van Khen in Chau Hung A Commune, Vinh Loi District; and remotesensing technology to agricultural geography applied by Loc Troi Group to help the farmers grasp information on rice field via mobile phone …
In next time, the Provincial Farmers’ Union will continue to strengthen propaganda on Agriculture, Farmer and Rural Area (Tam Nong); especially closely coordinate with concerned agencies in helping the members and the farmers access to new knowledge and accepting effective support from the departments, divisions and unions in order to production development and income increase.

Ngo Minh (Bac Lieu provincial FU) - Translated by Viet Ha
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