The 7th VNFU National Congress (continued): Review report of VNFU Executive Committee term VI (2018 – 2023)
14:57 - 02/01/2019
VNFU Executive Committee term VI seriously reviewed its performance results in the Congress, highlighted the strengths and achievements in the last term.

The outstanding strengths of VNFU term VI were analyzed in the Congress as follows:
- VNFU Executive Committee term VI has raised the spirit of initiative, creativity, solidarity and unity with a lot of innovations in leadership and guidance of VNFU at all levels to successfully implement the objectives and tasks of the 6th National Congress; created a clear change in the FU activities and peasant movement.
 - FU activities have been improved in a more practical way and various forms, attracting a large number of members and farmers;
- The quality of FU branches has been improved; the content and method of VNFU operation have been renewed, combining the dissemination and education with promoting services, consultation, vocational training and supporting farmers to develop production and improve their lives;
- Moreover, actively cooperated with ministries, agencies and localities to create legal status, mechanisms, policies and resources in order to facilitate members and farmers with production and business development.

Dr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Member of National Assembly, Chairperson of VNFU Executive Committee speaking at the Congress

However, there were still some weaknesses and disadvantages that VNFU Executive Committee term VI identified including:
- The leadership of some contents of VNFU Executive Committee was not drastic, leading to the fact that the result implementation of a number of issued guidelines and resolutions in some localities, units were still slow, embarrassing, did not meet the requirement and plan.
- The leadership on building the FU had some limitations: the education on politics and ideology for members and farmers in some localities were not achieved with high results; the identification of interests, difficulties and annoyances of farmers to propose to the committees and authorities was not in time.
- The leadership and direction of implementing Conclusion No. 61-KL/TW dated on December 3, 2009 of the Party Central Committee's Secretariat and Decision No. 673/QD-TTg dated on May 10, 2011 of Prime Minister achieved uneven results in the localities.
- The leadership and direction of implementing the movements were not comprehensive and deep, have not created a breakthrough as they were focused mainly on the movement of good production and business farmers.
- The direction of guidance on developing forms of collective economy was still embarrassing. Service activities, supporting to farmers in some places were still weak, not focused on branding, trade promotion and consumption of commodity for farmers.
- The attendance to the meetings of some VNFU Executive Committee members was not full, the serious observance of meeting time and the responsibility on discussion and giving opinions of a few members were not high.

Organization Commitee of the Congress – Translated by Hong Linh
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