The 7th VNFU National Confgress (continued): 14 criteria for emulation in the period of 2018-2023
17:01 - 03/01/2019
In the Congress, the orientation, objectives, tasks and solutions of VNFU activities and the peasant movement for the period of 2018-2023, including 14 criteria for emulation were highly agreed.

It was voted 100% in the Congress through 14 criteria for emulation in the period of 2018-2023:
A working session of VNFU 7th National Congress 

1- 100% of the officials and members are disseminated and educated on the Party's Guidelines, the State’s Policies and Laws and VNFU’s Resolution. 100% of the FU branches have Today Rural Newspaper and at least 60 % of FU members get access to the Internet.
2- At least 1.2 million new members are adopted. More than 85% of FU at grass root levels are quite strong and strong, no weak ones.
3- 100% of officials in charge of FU activities are trained, educated and updated with knowledge of agricultural cultivation and skills of farmer mobilization; at least 40% of specialized FU officials at the central and provincial level know how to use one foreign language for communication and 80% of the commune FU Chairperson in the border communes, wards and townships know how to use the language of neighboring countries; 100 % of the commune FU Chairperson are trained at intermediate or higher level of political theory and professions 100% of the FU officials at branch level are trained with skills and methods for FU work.
4- 100% of FU branches build the FU operation Fund and striving for building that Fund with an average of at least 50,000 VND per member of each FU branch in the localities who have not escaped from poverty and an average of at least 100,000 VND per member in the localities who have escaped from poverty.
5. Every year, at least 60% of the households register to strive and at least 50% of the registered households achieve the title of good production and business at all levels.
6- Every year, 100% of the Provincial and District FU preside over and coordinate to organize dialogues between the local Party committee, authorities and farmers.
7- 100% of FU at all levels organize consultancy, support, service and vocational training activities for farmers to develop production and business for income increase and life improvement.
8- The average growth rate of the Supporting Fund for Farmers is at least 10% per year. 100% of FU at all levels effectively use the Supporting Fund for Farmers.
9- 85% of FU farmer members regularly get access to necessary knowledge, information, market, science and high technology in agricultural production.
10- 100% of the FU at commune level preside over, coordinate in organizing consultancy and support activities to build at least one cooperative or cooperative group to link and cooperate in value chain- based- production development in order to improve farmers' income and successfully connect to the market.
11- 100% of the FU branches well mobilize farmer members to perform the task of protecting the environment and build at least 01 model on environmental protection and climate change adaptation.
12- 100% of FU households who produce and trade in agricultural products and foods register and commit to ensure food safety and over 60% of registered households are recognized.
13- 95% of the FU farmer members participate in health insurance and 100% of the FU at all levels well mobilize farmers to implement the Resolution of the 7th Plenum of the 12th Assembly on “Reforming social insurance policy”.
14- At least 85% of FU farmer members are disseminated and educated to raise the awareness of national defense and security, foreign affairs and international integration tasks; 100% of the provincial and city FU organize exchange visits for officials and farmer members to study on agricultural production and business experiences inside the country or abroad; 100% of the FU branches build and maintain at least one self-management model on security.

Organization Commitee of the Congress – Translated by Viet Ha
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