VNFU of all levels encourage propagandizing against African swine fever virus for members and farmers.
17:05 - 27/03/2019
The African swine fever now has been detected in 19 cities/provinces throughout the country. For dealing with this widespread disease, the propagandizing encouragement over officers, members and farmers on the disease and bewilderment preventation are significantly important and practical.

A propaganda session held in Dong Son Commune – Nam Truc District
Nam Dinh Province: For the passing time, the provincial famer’s union held 3 training against African swine fever virus for more than 400 members and farmers of: Dong Son Commune – Nam Truc District; Kim Thai Commune – Vu Ban District; Rang Dong Town – Nghia Hung District.
At the training session, the participants were provided with veterinary and disease prevention information like: African swine fever virus characteristics (history, epidemical information, pathogen, progression, symptom, lesions); husbandry management; disease control, early detection, prompt measures; sanitation, detoxicity, sterilization and husbandry-household-related policies.
Afterward, the trained will be motivated communicator for disease prevention activities of their locality. For the coming time, provincial farmer’s unions will continue opening 2 more training sessions for almost 300 members and farmers of Y Yen & My Loc communes.
Trung Thang Commune – Truc Ninh District was the first target where the African swine fever virus approached and caused disposal of 80 infectedpigstotal(more than 5 tons in weight).
Anti-African swine fever virus disinfection

Danang: Standing Committee of municipal Farmers’ Union directed other membership levels to encourage propagandizing and communication on harm of the African swine fever virus disinfection and prevention method for awareness improvement over members and farmers in the field of husbandry; encourage members and farmers detecting the disease and informing the authority promptly upon any unknown reason illness or death of pigs; cooperating with authorities in husbandry, butchery activities, pork and pork products businesses management of the locality; enforce members and farmers to duly comply with prevention measures against the African swine fever virus (upon any pigs were found dead due to African swine fever virus, immediately apply disposal procedures under regulations of the authority).
Thu Nga - Pham Van Tien translated by Huong Giang
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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