Steering Committee to summarize 10 year-implementation of Conclusion No. 62-KL/TW of the Politburo to work with Party Delegation of Vietnam Farmers’ Union To improve the practicality and the representative role of the Union to the farmer class
16:08 - 26/04/2019
(VNFU Portal) – On this afternoon (April 19), in Hanoi, the Steering Committee to summarize the implementation for 10 years of Conclusion No. 62-KL/TW of the Politburo in the 10th session regarding the continuity in the innovation of content and operating methods of Vietnam Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations and unions worked with the Party Delegation of Vietnam Farmers’ Union. Politburo Member, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Head of the Central Commission for Mass Mobilization, Head of the Steering Committee to summarize 10 years of implementing the Conclusion No. 62-KL/TW Truong Thi Mai chaired the Conference.

Chairman Thao Xuan Sung addressed at the Conference 

The meeting saw the attendance of Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union, Thao Xuan Sung; First Vice Chairman Luong Quoc Doan; Vice Chairpersons Pham Tien Nam, Bui Thi Thom and representatives of Vietnam Fatherland Front, political and social organizations and relevant boards and units.
Implementing Conclusion No. 62-KL/TW, the Party Delegation, Standing Committee and the Central Committee of the Union have grasped thoroughly and implemented the Conclusion in closely attaching to Conclusion No. 61-KL/TW. Up to present, the Party Delegation, Executive Committee and Standing Committee of Vietnam Farmers’ Union have promulgated documents materializing the innovation in content and operating method of VNFU such as:
Advising the Prime Minister on the issuance of Decision 673, Decision 81; Central Executive Committee of the Union to promulgate Resolution 06 regarding on continuing organizing the Farmers’ Union at all levels to be strong, Resolution 34 on the implementation of 3 key tasks of the Union; Resolution 07 on promoting services and supporting farmers and Resolution 09 regarding the strengthen of vocational training and employment assistance for farmers; Central Standing Committee of the Union on the implementation of Project 24 on building professional branches  and professional groups in the Union at all levels ...
Through 10 years of implementing the Conclusion 62 of the Politburo, there has been a breakthrough in the gathering, uniting, disseminating and mobilizing associating with promoting services, consulting, vocational training and supporting farmers. The emulation movements launched by the Union continue to develop deeply, widely and improve in quality, cause the widespread, attract the participation of a large number of farmers, contributing to the construction of new rural areas, shifting economic structure, labor structure, poverty reduction, improving material and spiritual life of farmers, ensuring social security; promoting socio-economic development, maintaining political security, social order and safety at the localities.

The organizational system of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union continues to be established and developed. The organizing of apparatus and cadres saw a lot of changes toward the direction of compact, effective, suitable for functions and tasks. Team of cadres of the Union at all levels has been gradually mature; capacity levels are raised, step by step specialized to meet the requirements of the task. Operating performance of the Union at all levels and members’ quality are enhanced. The representative role of the Union in taking care and improving  material and spiritual life; protecting the legal and legitimate rights and benefits of the Union’s members is promoted.

 Addressing at the conference, First Vice Chairman of VNFU Luong Quoc Doan affirmed that: The biggest change in the implementation of Conclusion 62 is that the awareness of the Party Committee to the Union has been improved, so far all activities of the Union have been directed by the Party Committee. Thanks to the Decision 673, Decision 81 of the Prime Minister, the attach role between members and the Union is increasingly close. In the past ten years, the Union has strongly changed its activities through the strong orientation towards support, service, consultancy and vocational training, thus having projects, programs, models ... attract farmers. Union organizations at grassroots level have had progresses in the division into branches, groups of Union and building of branches and groups for the working with members to be more familiar and accurate.

Vice Chairwoman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union Bui Thi Thom reported to the Head of the Steering Committee Truong Thi Mai some difficulties in agriculture, farmers and rural areas such as: consumption of agricultural products; newly applied chain production and consumption; small, disconnected, not condensed area of land despite of the Union’s propaganda and dissemination, the mechanism for association and cooperation still lack of  persuasion; the planning and management of the planning implementation are not strict, due to newly planning of production, not connected to raw material areas and market, the forecasting is not sufficient; farmers’ life has been improved but the percentage of agro-forestry households has decreased slowly, the level of science and technology and personnel training is still limited; a large number of farmers have not received vocational training, lack of knowledge, fund, production and business skills.
Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union Thao Xuan Sung emphasized: After 10 years implementing Conclusion 62, the government, Fatherland Front and mass organizations have created basic changes in the position and role of agriculture, farmers and rural areas. The National Assembly has promulgated two Resolutions regarding poverty reduction from which the farmers benefit. The Government has institutionalized Conclusion 62 by many breakthrough mechanisms and policies to develop agriculture, farmers and rural areas such as Decision 673, Decision 81. Accordingly, the Union has changed the propaganda and dissemination method, “words must be accompanied with action” through consultancy, service, support and vocational training to make farmers increasingly trust and attach to the Union, becoming the link between farmers and the Party. In the time ahead, the Central Executive Committee of the Union will issue a Resolution on the admission of members, clearly defining the concept of “New farmers.” The Chairman proposed that with the difficulties and limitations of the Union, it is essentially in need of the leadership and guidance of the Secretariat and the Central Committee for Mass Mobilization to carry on the implementation of the innovation and improvement of operating performance.
Ending the Conference, Head of the Steering Committee to implement Conclusion 62 Truong Thi Mai affirmed that: The implementation of Conclusion 62 in the innovation of content and operating method of the Union has new, breakthrough, close to practical and grassroots contents, especially the Farmer Assistance Fund with linked loan models. At the same time, the Union has closely associated with the implementation of Resolution 26 of the Party, attached to Conclusion 61, Decision 673 and two major programs of the Government, which are building new rural areas and sustainable poverty reduction. Head of the Steering Committee appreciated the coordination of the Union with the government through Decision 673, the cooperation program between the two parties, the Fatherland Front and the political-social organizations, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Up to now, with 50% of communes nationwide becoming new rural communes, the Union has set up its right path, becoming the bridge and strengthening the trust of farmers in the Party.
Head of the Steering Committee Truong Thi Mai requested that in the coming time, the Union should continue to attach attention, honor and promote the typical examples of good farmers in production and business and both typical cadres of the Union; continue to develop new models, professional branches and groups of the Union, clubs, expand the admission of members in professional unions; focus the Union’s activities on difficult areas and farming products, helping farmers through the Union’s media such as newspapers, magazines, Portal, and at the same time having a mechanism to coordinate with the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations to propose; improve the practicality, the representative role of the Union to the farmer class, making farmers trust in the Union; diversifying and putting in practical new operating methods in the integration after the year of 2020; proposing mechanisms and policies for farmers’ life and activities of the Union; participating in public services; taking care to rural security, participating in reconciliation, building neighborhood attachment.
Thanh Quang translated by My Linh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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