Five goals achieved through the implementation of Project No. 24 – DA/HNDTW
11:21 - 28/06/2019
(Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) portal)- In the afternoon of 20thJune 2019, the Conference onSummarization for three-year implementation of Project No. 24 – DA/HNDTW continued the schedule at the conference room. VNFU’s Chairman Thao Xuan Sung host the Conference.

Vice Chairman of Tra Vinh Farmers’ Union, Mr. Pham Quoc Viet affirmed that VNFU officials at grassroot levels have played the decisive roles in developing FU’s professional groups and branches.
At the Conference, VNFU’s Chairman Thao Xuan Sung concluded that the three-year implementation of Project No. 24 has concretized the Resolution No. 26 of Central Party’s Executive Committee about agriculture, farmers, rural areas and achieved initial successes. The Chairman summarized main five goals attained as following.   
First, procedure of FU’s groups, branches has been operated by professions; FU’s officials have become matured of awareness and activities in one more level; FU’s movements and public order in rural areas have maintained well.

Second, the collaboration, association among farmer members in production and sales is in voluntary manner which will be the important premise for the establishment of cooperatives of FU branch, communal Farmers’ Unions, developed directly by Farmers’ Unions and help gather, unite farmers better.
Third, thesubject position and role of farmers as well as the central, key role of Farmers’ Unions in activities of professional groups and branches have been reflected clearly.

Fourth, thanks to the creation of FU’s professional groups and branches, farmers and VNFU members have had stronger and closer attachment to the Farmers’ Unions; while the important role of Farmers’ Unions represents more clearly, the prestige of Farmers’ Unions has been enhanced in the eyes of farmers as well as executive committees, local authorities, fronts and other organizations.
Fifth, the productivity, product quality and production efficiencies have increased that is the desired goal which FU strive towards, is creating good brand names for global import of Vietnamese agricultural products.
The Chairman also cited 3 unresolved limitations. Firstly, the connection and cooperation in production and consumption of agricultural products which the Farmers’ Unionspreside to organize is unclear and ineffective.
Secondly, the relationship between the FU’s professional groups and branches under the leadership of the Party cells has not been clarified; a part of VNFU’s officials have not been clear, aware of the Project 24.
Thirdly, the implementation of counseling, training, support at FU’s levels for the Heads of professional groups and branches on the production and consumption of agricultural products has not been seriously taken.

At the afternoon session, VNFU’s Chairman Thao Xuan Sung asked the delegates to pay attention to discuss about range of topics including: advantages and disadvantages; the relationship between the FU’s professional groups, branches and the area groups, branches; the VNFU’s role in political support for professional groups, branches when establishing cooperatives; the Supporting Fund for Farmers from the district to the central level supports fund for the professional groups, branches to develop production...

Speaking at the discussion, Chairman of Hai Duong Farmers’ Union Pham Thi Thanh Tam shared: Over the past time, all levels of FU have supported theprofessional groups, branches to select plant varieties and animal breeds; guaranteed to buy fertilizers with deferred payment; helped to borrow money and consume products. Typically, the professional group of guava cultivation has developed into Nam Vu Clean Agricultural Cooperatives (Lien Mac commune, Thanh Ha district) with 20 members, its product is consumed at VinMart supermarket.
However, the development of the professional groups, branches still has some limitations such as: There are not many typical professional groups, branches; the output is still facing difficulties, because production has not followed safety standards like VietGAP; awareness of some VNFU’s officials has not been clear which considered professional groups, branches as clubs, teams, groups of models; the direction of levels of Farmers’ Unions has not been drastic. In the coming time, all levels of Farmers' Union in the province will focus on developing professional groups; choose the active, good group leaders to collect members; continue to propagate deeply on the Project, build up professional groups, branches by new and more advanced methods; mobilize community, individualsto participate into "One commune, One product" programme, etc.

Chairman of Gia Lai Farmers’ Union Nguyen Minh Truong said: After 3 years, the Project has brought efficiencies beyond expectations. He suggested: It is necessary to clarify the common awareness of the differences between professional groups, branches and area groups, branches; consider the issuance of guidelines for the operation of professional groups, branches which does not overlap with the implementation of the amended Charter in 2018.
The Chairman askedthe Drafting Board to receive comments, opinions of the delegates after this conference and continue to study and complete the draft Resolution so as to report to the VNFU’s Standing Committee and Permanent Members in the coming time.
Tran Luong translated by Ngoc Anh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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