VNFU – High Command of Border Guard signed the coordination program for the period 2019-2025 Successfully implementing socio-economic objectives in association with the performance of national defense and security tasks
11:50 - 01/07/2019
(VNFU Portal) - This afternoon (24/6), in Hanoi, Vietnam Farmers’ Union, High Command of  Border Guard held a meeting to review the Coordination Program (CTPH) between the Border Guard High Command and VNFU period 2011 - 2018 about "Mobilizing peoples in border, coastal and islands areas, to boost production, development of economy, culture and society associated with tasks implementation of protecting the sovereignty and the national bordersecurity” and sign the coordination program for the period of 2019 - 2025. Chairman of VNFU ThaoXuan Sung, Lieutenant General Hoang Xuan Chien, Commander of the Border Guards co-chaired the Conference.

Chairman of VNFU Thao Xuan Sung and Border Guard Commander Hoang Xuan Chien signed Coordination Program, period 2019-2015
After 7 years of implementing Coordination Program between the Vietnam Farmers' Association and the High Commandof Border Guard, Union’s levels and the Border Guard units have led and directed the organization to implement the the Program seriously and effectively, creating change of awareness in officials, farmer members and Border Guard soldiers about the meaning and role of the Program, especially at the grassroots level, who have implemented actively and creatively.
The implementation of Coordination Program has affirmed that this is a completely correct policy in line with the Party's guidelines and the State's policies on renewing public mobilization in the new situation; and meanwhile meeting the aspirations of all levels of Farmer's Union and Border Guard units.Through the implementation of Coordination Program, all levels of the Union collaborated with the Border Guard units and local authorities to effectively mobilize farmers from ethnic groups in border, coastal and islands areas to boost production, economic, cultural and social development  associated with the task of protecting sovereignty, national border security, creating an environment to connect households in production and community activities, building people & soldiers solidarity with mutual support, sharing, helping each other, contributing to hunger elimination, poverty reduction, building new countryside, improving the lives of farmers in border areas, firmly protecting the territorial sovereignty, security and national border order.
Over the past seven years, the two parties have coordinated to organize 110,661 training sessions on knowledge of national defense and security, sovereignty protection, border and island security; organizing farmer contest with the law on the protection of sovereignty, border and island security; exam offinding Law on National borders and 60 years’ tradition of Border Guard ... for 7,483,664 officials, members and farmers at all levels.
The two parties have coordinated to build and strengthen grassroots political systems on border and island routes; coordinating to mobilize and guide farmers of ethnic minorities to develop their socio-economy in mountainous, border and island areas such as implementation of the program "Breeding cows to help the poor in the border". Till now, Border Guards have delivered 24,876 cows with a total value of over 372.6 billion VND for poor people in the border, organized for cadres and soldiers of the Border Guard Force to donate and coordinate the advocacy and mobilization of resources to build and hand-over 3.669 "A home for the poor in the border and islands".
In addition, the Union and Border Guards also coordinated to mobilize ethnic farmers to participate in building a cultural and spiritual life, promoting the traditional identity of ethnic groups, now there are over 85% of villages and hamlets in border communes and islands being recognized as "Cultural village", "Cultural village and hamlet". Over 90% of families are awarded the title "Cultural Family".
Implementing Directive No. 01 / CT-TTg dated January 9, 2015 of the Prime Minister on “The movement organization of the entire population to participate in protecting territorial sovereignty and national border security in the new situation" So far, the movement has been widely deployed in provinces and cities with borders, coastlines and islands, with many diversified and effective forms of operation such as: "Mass participation movement in self-management of borders, milestones and order and security in the border areas”, the movement of "Safe boats and cultural yards ", the movement "Peaceful village, harmonious family", the movement of "village patriarch, head of exemplary village" ...; 1,587 groups have been built for self-management of borders, milestones / 39,724 households and 60,493 registered individuals; 14,822 security self-management teams / 232,737 members; 3,219 safe self-managed boats / 77,134 members, 916 safe yards and 54 safe production teams at sea; established 173 safe aquaculture teams / 3,336 members.
Organizing for members, farmers in collaboration with the Border Guard forces to patrol, clear patrol roads, and the border vision roads up to 1,129 times / 9,716 participants. Providing the Border Guard Station with thousands of valuable information to serve the task of managing, protecting territorial sovereignty, maintaining security and order and fighting with criminals. Coordinating to mobilize members to participate in denouncing criminals, not violate the law, border regulations, not be provoked and seduced by bad objects to cause the unity loss between people and soldiers and the national unity.
High Command Border Guard awarded the medal "For the sovereignty of national border security" to 09 individuals of VNFU
In order to maintain and promote the achieved results, to meet the requirements and tasks in the new situation, the VNFU and the High Command of Border Guard agreed to build a coordination program for the period of 2019 - 2025 with the goal of promoting the role of the Farmers' Union’s all levels and Border Guard Army in coordinating and mobilizing farmers in border and island areas to boost socio-economic development in association with the task of protecting the national border; promote propaganda, mobilize cadres, members, farmers, officers and soldiers of the Border Guard Army to well implement guidelines and policies of the Party, policies and laws of the State; actively participate in building the Party and government, political system in a clean and strong manner to meet the task requirements in the new situation; well implement the policy of "Army rear" and morality "Drink water to remember the source", "Gratitude expression" ...
The 5 contents of Coordination Program in the period of 2019-2025 includes: Propagating and mobilizing cadres, soldiers of the Border Guard Army, members and farmers to well implement guidelines and policies of the Party, policies and laws of the State, the focus is on the 8th Central Resolution (XI session) on "National defense strategy in the new situation", Resolution No. 33-NQ / TW dated September 28, 2018 of the Politburo on National Border Protection Strategy; coordinate in building the organization of the Union and the Border Guard units to comprehensively strengthen, consolidate the basic political system on the border and island routes; mobilize ethnic farmers to effectively implement socio-economic development programs in border, coastal and islands areas; mobilize ethnic farmers to participate in building a cultural and spiritual life, promoting the traditional cultural identity of ethnic groups on the border; coordinate to mobilize and guide farmers to participate in protecting territorial sovereignty, maintaining security and order in the border areas and islands.
Speaking at the conference, Chairman of VNFUThaoXuan Sung affirmed that: Coordination Program has created a positive change in awareness, views and actions of cadres, members, farmers, border officers and soldiers for the task of building and protecting national border security, strengthening soldiers & people unity, consolidating the trust of officials, members, farmers, border officers and soldiers over Party leadership, successfully implementing the socio-economic objectives associated with the performance of national defense and security tasks.
However, the lives of ethnic minorities in the border, coastal and islands areas are facing many difficulties, the rate of poor households remains high. So, in the spirit of all for the beloved border, today two parties sign Coordination Program and two agencies will develop specific plans for implementation.
In order to continue to promote the results achieved in the past 7 years, Chairman ThieuXuanSung proposed that the two parties should focus on directing the implementation of a number of tasks, including: Promoting propaganda , educating the Party's guidelines and policies, the State's policies and laws on defense and security tasks, on the protection of national border security, directives and resolutions of the 12thNational Party Congress; taking advantage of the leadership and direction of the Party committees and local authorities, at the same time attach to the local socio-economic development programs with the emulation movement of the Union and the Border Guard; organizing the implementation of the coordination program for the period (2019 - 2025),  to achieve high results, building a number of models and points for directing the effective implementation of the coordination program and replicateto wide scope; coordinating to organize training and fostering knowledge for grassroots cadres and border guards' officers and soldiers, in order to raise their qualifications and skills on mass mobilization and reporters, propagandists to meet the mission requirements in the current situation; strengthen inspection, supervision, grasping the situation, preliminarily withdrawing experiences, overcoming shortcomings and weaknesses in the past time.
Lieutenant-General Hoang XuanChien agreed with five tasks that Chairman Thao Xuan Sung proposed and affirmed: in island border area, the social life is still far from the city, the intellectual level is low, easy to be bribed, enticed by hostile forces. Therefore, keeping the "border region" of the nation under the controldepends onessential principles of "ease people, enrich people". The Lieutenant General affirmed that the Border Guard Army would continue to promote more models and initiatives together with all levels and sectors to join hands to help border people develop their economy. After this Conference, the Border Guard High Command will direct the provinces and cities to sign coordination regulations in accordance with specific conditions of each locality to effectively implement and select a number of pilot models to replicate helping people quickly escape from poverty.
Hoai Thanh translated by Ngoc Anh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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