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09:14 - 26/07/2019
(VNFU Portal) - On this afternoon (July 24), in Hanoi, the Emulation Unit of socio-political organizations and coalition organizations held a preliminary Conference reviewing emulation activities for the first 6 months of 2019 and major tasksof the last 6 months of 2019. The meeting saw the attendants of the First Vice Chairman of  VNFU, Luong Quoc Doan.

Addressing at the Conference’s opening, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, Vice Chairman of the Central Emulation and Commendation Council, the Head of the Emulation Sector Tran Thanh Man emphasized that the conference will focus on the discussion of two contents:  Making assessment of the results of implementation of the registered emulation criteria and find out measures to implement the tasks in the last 6 months;  approval of the Regulation on organization and operation and giving assessment and comment on the emulation of the Sector.

VNFU’s First Vice Chairman, Luong Quoc Doan requested members of the Units to co- supervise under Decision 217 of the Politburo.
In the first six months of this year, the movement of “The whole nation cooperates to build new rural areas” has been directed by members of the Sector. Standing Committee of VNFU has focused on leading and directing VNFU at all levels to mobilize farmers to actively participate in implementing the standardsto construct new rural areas; mobilizing, guiding and supporting members and farmers to actively participate in restructuring the agricultural sector, restructuring crops and livestock, “regrouping of land” to form specialized and concentrated production areas, large-sizedfields and associated fields in chains attached with food hygiene;  contributing over 2 million working days;  repairing and concreting over 27 thousand kilometers of rural roads;  solidifying and repairing over 19 thousand kilometersof infield canals;  constructing over 5 thousand environmental protection models in rural areas.  Coordinating with ministries, branches and localities to organize the Commencement ceremony welcoming Tree-planting Festival “Forever grateful to Uncle Ho” to celebrate 2019 Lunar New Year;  preliminarily summarizing 01 year of implementing the coordinative program between the Government, VNFU, Vietnam Women’s Union on propaganda, advocacy, production and trading of safe agricultural products for public health.
Emulation movement of “Vietnamese enterprises to integrate and develop”, “The whole nation joins hands to help the poor, no oneleft behind” is actively implemented by member organizations, making a strong spread, bringing profound social meaning. The VNFU at all levels have enhancedvocational training, improved the quality of vocational training for farmers who are owners of farms, farm households, farmers applying high technology into production of agricultural products; supported and guided over 900 thousand members and farmers on seed, capital, agricultural materials and new technologies. After completing vocational training, a number of farmers have “started-up” to establish enterprises, cooperatives, cooperative groups, contributing to economicrestructuring, labor structure in rural areas, creating job and enhancing income for local laborers.
The Standing Committee of the VNFUhas mobilized farmers households doing well in business and production to assist and support in seeds, capital, agricultural materials, jobsfor  than 20 thousand of the poor and disadvantaged farmers valued hundreds of billions dongs to help them get out of poverty; coordinated to organize 12 social charity programs with a total amount of 5 billion dongs at 6 schools in poor and difficult areas; donated, mobilized 70.92 billion dongs and 7,432 gifts to visit and donatefor over 100,000 poor households.
The propagation and replication ofgood typical models are paid attention and guided by the units and have seenimpressive changes. The emulation and commendationof the Sector’s members have innovated and achievedlots of positive results. The commendationwork is carried out in a strict manner, ensuring the accuracy, promptness, fairness, publicity and democracy. The detection, fostering, summation and replication of typical models are focused to implement.
In the last six months of 2019, members of the Emulation Sector focused on a number of tasks such as: Carrying out the propaganda and advocacy to implement Directive 05 of the Politburo (12thsession) on promoting the learning and followingHo Chi Minh’s thought, morality and style, the Central Resolutions of the12th session, the Party’s guidelines, the State’s policies; continuing to implementeffectively the patriotic emulation movements, contributing to the successfulimplementation ofsocio-economic development tasks of the year 2019, focusing on emulation movements launched by the Prime Minister: “The whole nationcoordinatesto build new rural areas” for the 2016-2021 period, “Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods”, “The whole nation joins hands to help the poor, no oneleft behind”; the movement of “preventing plastic waste nationwide”, the emulation movement of “cadres, civil servants and public employees to implement office culture” in line with the reality and political tasks of member organizations in the Sector.
At the Conference, members of Emulation Sector approved the Regulation on organization and operation and review of the Sector. In particular, the content of major emulation criteria of the Sector includes: Emulation of socio-economic development, ensuring national defense, security and emulation to implement political tasks assigned by the Party and State; implementation of the Party’s guidelines, policies and laws of the State, building the Party and the political system; performing the tasks of emulation and commendation works.
First Vice Chairman of VNFU, Luong Quoc Doan consented with the coordination among newspapers of the sector in propagating the models. The Vice Chairman requested members of the Sector to co-supervise under the Politburo Decision 217; and the leader of the committee level shall conduct exchange with the people.

Mr. Tran Thanh Man, Chairman of the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Frontconfirmed that in the first 6 months of operating of the Sector, there had 3 outstanding results.
Closing the Conference, Chairman of the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front Tran Thanh Man confirmed that in thefirst 6 months of operation, there had 3 outstanding results, including: Coordination of members in the Sector; operation towards the grass root level; The members of the Sectorpay close attention in organizing the apparatus from the central to local levels.
In order to successfully fulfill the contents of the concluded emulation covenant for the year of 2019, Chairman Tran Thanh Man requested units in the Sector to focus on implementing some of the following key tasksfrom present until the end of the theyear:
 Firstly, to continue to strengthen the guiding, inspecting and promoting work of patriotic emulation movements, campaigns of organizations, mobilizing the strength of union members, members and the whole people, together with the Government and authorities at all levels implement socio-economic development targets in 2019. Continue to promote the movements such as: “Being unite, creative in emulation to build and protect the Fatherland”; “The whole nation joins hands to help the poor, no oneleft behind”; “Vietnamese enterprises to integrate and develop”, etc. Propagate, raise awareness, strengthen the fostering for cadres and civil servants on office culture, public work morality
Secondly, to implement well the political tasks of each organization and the contents of the Program on coordination and unification in the actions of Vietnam Fatherland Front in 2019. Improve the quality of the supervision and social criticism in each organization. Actively follow up and organize activities to meet, listen to ideas and wishes to grasp the situation of union members, members and people of all classes to promptly collect, reflect and report to the Party and State. Strengthen the supervision and social criticism.
Thirdly, to pay close attention to the quality and effectiveness of emulation and commendation work on the basis of ensuring the appropriate achievements, standards, objects, timeliness, accuracy, educational-based. Focus on discovering, summarizing and replicating new and good typicalmodels; orient to direct workers, small –sized collective and remote areas, border and island areas, avoiding widespread commendation. Highlight the role and responsibility of the leader. Strengthen the organization of professional training and fostering for cadres specialized in emulation and commendation; determine to implement administrative procedure reforms to economicpractice, against wastefulness and effectively apply information technology. Newspapers of member organizations shall promote the propagation of activities of the Sector.

Hoang Ha translated by Hong Linh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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