The 3rd conference of 7th Central Executive Committee of Vietnam Farmers’ Union Union’s activities aim for specific and practical purposes
09:44 - 31/08/2019
(VNFU portal)- This afternoon (22/7), the 3rd conference of 7th Central Executive Committee of Vietnam Farmers’ Union (2018 - 2023) has continued. Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, a member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary and Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of Vietnam Farmers’ Union, led the session and responded to opinions of participants.
At the Conference, participants listened to three draft resolutions including: Resolution of the Central Committee of the VNFU on development, management and improvement of member’s quality; Resolution of the Central Committee of the VNFU on developing occupational farmers’ group; Resolution of the Central Committee of the VNFU on improving VNFU staffs’ quality to meet the requirements and tasks in the new period.
We cannot "pull" farmers into the Union, but we can create attraction for members and farmers through movements - Mr. Le Trong Khue, Chairman of Hanoi Farmers’ Union,
At the conference, the Chairman of Hanoi Farmers’ Union, Mr. Le Trong Khue, completely agreed with 3 draft resolutions. The Standing Committee of the Hanoi Farmers’ Union has been unified and focus on leading and directing the Union at all levels to implement 5 major works including promoting propaganda with many practical purpose to gather members and farmers into the Union; protecting the legitimate interests of members and farmers to promote ownership and good implementation of the Democracy Regulation; focusing on supporting members and farmers in economic development activities (selecting good seeds, applying new techniques to improve the quality of agricultural products, promoting and introducing products ...); following 3 major movements of the higher level union to launch specific activities suitable to each locality. The contents of three draft resolutions show a close connection and mutual support.
“In particular, I strongly agree with the project on the occupational farmers’ group and resolutions on improving the quality of officials and members of the union. The current trend is that the number of agricultural members in rural areas are decreasing; which require mobilization of members, farmers to participate in the Union voluntarily. We cannot "pull" farmers into the Union, but we can create attraction for members and farmers through movements. The Union must innovate itself, improve the quality, so farmers will see practical results and be willing to participate in the Union. However, it is also necessary to clarify the functions and contents of the occupational farmers’ group to not be confused with the functions of local unions at the grassroots level” - Mr. Le Trong Khue emphasized.
Regarding the organization of support services for members, farmers, Chairman of Thanh Hoa Farmers’ Union, Mr. Tran Binh Quan said: From the beginning of the year, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Farmers’ Union actively developed monthly and quarterly programs to deploy to all levels of the Union. On the other hand, the provincial union also regularly reviews the effectiveness of the programs in the province, aiming at effective and practical objectives. Up to now, the province is implementing 29 programs. Notably, the total outstanding loans with the two banks in the province reached 11,000 billion VND. Since the beginning of the year, farmers have been supported with the deferred purchase of more than 10,000 tons of fertilizer for production. It is expected that from now to the end of the year, the total amount of fertilizer purchased in the form of deferred payment will be higher than the previous years.
The highlight is that the Union has integrated the effective implementation of Project 24 on "occupational farmers’ group" with the "Farmers say no to dirty food" project. Thereby, the union has implemented programs and projects to support farmer groups to meet safety standards such as VietGAP, GlobalGAP, organic standards. Currently, the provincial unions have also launched 8 stores to sell clean vegetables locally, gradually orienting members and farmers to switch to producing and consuming clean and safe agricultural products. In the future, the model will continue to be encouraged and expanded.
“In particular, regarding the mobilization of residents about site clearance according to the policy, it is still very difficult in many locations. However, many grassroots level have collaborated and mobilized members and farmers to create favorable conditions for implementing projects, which has been highly recognized by the local authorities”- Mr. Tran Binh Quan said.
Regarding the communication and use of the province's policy advantages to promote the development of the agricultural sector, Chairman of Bac Ninh Farmers’ Union, Mr. Tran Dang Sam, affirmed: As a province with strong development in industry, the province has more resources thanks to the strong attraction of investment from both domestic and foreign enterprises. With these resources, Bac Ninh is currently being evaluated as a pioneer in creating many favorable support mechanisms from preferential policies to focus on developing high-tech agriculture.
“All levels of the Union in the province have quickly followed the provincial guidelines to help members and farmers in benefiting from these resources. The provincial Farmers’ Union proposed to direct the establishment of occupational farmers’ group to improve the effectiveness of Union’s activities in the future; thereby contributing to accelerating the industrialization and modernization of agriculture and rural areas” - Mr. Tran Dang Sam proposed.
Lao Cai Farmers’ Union is focusing on mobilizing and encouraging members and farmers to link production (farmers with farmers, farmers with cooperatives, farmers with businesses) to form a closed chain from production to processing and consumption of the region’s specialties such as banana, pineapple, tea, etc.
Lao Cai Farmers’ Union is focusing on mobilizing and encouraging members and farmers to link production - Ms. Dinh Minh Ha, Chairman of the provincial farmers’ union said.
Chairman of the Provincial Farmers’ Union, Mr. Dinh Minh Ha, said: Up to now, the whole province has guided and supported the establishment of 16 cooperatives. Notably, thanks to the focus on exploiting the regional strengths, the sturgeon model in Bat Xat district shows that it is operating very effectively, farmers are excited when the income is increasing. The union will continue to direct to replicate this model.
After the Union organized the program on donating agricultural machines to farmers in the area, in general, the machines’ efficiency and performance are maximized, which saves a lot of labor. Recognizing the practicality of the program, the Union has continued to support with the loan to buy machines. There are more and more residents registering to buy agricultural machines to serve production. Currently, the number of machines in the area is increasing, contributing to the policy of implementing agricultural and rural mechanization in the local.
In the speech at the end of the first working day of the 3rd conference of 7th Central Executive Committee of Vietnam Farmers’ Union (2018-2023), Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung highly appreciated the achievements.
After a working day, the Conference has completed the content according to the agenda. The participants contributed many practical ideas to the draft report of the Union as well as the draft Resolution of the VNFU’s Central Executive Committee. After this conference, the Chairman requested the editorial board to collect opinions of the participants; continue to study and finalize the draft resolutions to report to the Standing Committee and Permanent Committee of the Union.
Quy Binh translated by Thu Phuong
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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