Implementing the Democratic Regulation at the grassroots level while building a strong organization
15:01 - 30/09/2019
In recent years, the Central Committee of the VNFU has always clearly defined the role and importance of the implementation of the Democratic Regulation (DR) at the grassroots level that must be associated with the construction of the strong political system at the establishment. The Standing Central Committee of the VNFU has then regularly paid attention to and directed all levels of the Union to take the initiative and actively coordinate with the local authorities to join the contribution to bringing this content to life.

The implementation of the Democracy Regulation at the grassroots level is gaining more and more results (Artwork. Source: Internet)

The focus on directing the implementation of DR at the grassroots level of the Union has contributed to the effective implementation of the Union's regulations under the motto "People know, people discuss, people do, people check". Thereby, it gradually creates the high consensus among the people, members and farmers.

On the other hand, the implementation of DR at the grassroots level is associated with "Promoting the learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style"; "The entire nation unites to build a cultural life in residential areas" and the Union's emulation movements from which basis each official, member, farmer voluntarily participates in the implementation.

In many provinces, cities, officials, members, farmers often timely capture the necessary information, participate in discussing many practical issues of the locality, creating consensus within the community, helping to enlarge resources for the economic and social development.

Right from the beginning of the year, all levels of the Union have soon developed a specific plan to implement DR at the grassroots level. The Union at all levels actively and democratically propagated the Party's Resolutions, Directives, legal documents of the State and the Union associated with the thorough grasp of the Politburo's Directive No. 30 on the establishment and the implementation of DR at the grassroots level; Ordinance No. 34 on the execution of democracy in communes, wards and townships; Decree No. 04 of the Government on executing the democracy in the activities of State administrative agencies and public service delivery units; Conclusion 120 of the Politburo on continuing to promote and improve the quality and effectiveness of the establishment and implementation of the Democracy Regulation at the grassroots level ...

Implementing Decision 81 of the Prime Minister, in 2018, all levels of the Union organized over 128,730 legal propaganda and dissemination sessions for more than 9,695,100 groups of officials, members and farmers. At the same time, they organized over 14,790 propaganda on the implementation of DR at the grassroots level to 1,035,860 groups of members and farmers nationwide.

In addition, in response to the "Legal Day" of 2018 with the theme "Improving the efficiency of the construction, enforcement, protection of laws, awareness of law compliance, contributing to building a state of integrity, action, discipline, creativity, efficiency; a democratic, fair and civilized society", all levels of the Union also organized many forms of propaganda, promotion and activities at " Farmers with the Law" Clubs for its members and farmers.

The Central Committee of VNFU collaborated to build 15 models of "Farmers’ Union participated in the citizen reception, resolving farmers' complaints and denunciations associated with the implementation of DR at the grassroots level and participated in the social supervision and criticism" in 15 provinces and cities, including: Lai Chau; Thai Nguyen; Cao Bang; Bac Kan; Phu Tho; Hai Phong; Hanoi; Hung Yen; Thai Binh; Nam Dinh; Quang Tri; Quang Ngai; Ninh Thuan; Kon Tum and Long An.

The provinces and cities also actively coordinated with the functional sector in the area to build and maintain the operation of 147 models and 2,679 "Farmers with the law" clubs with over 84,170 participating officials, members and farmers. The activities of the pilot models and the Club have created favorable conditions for members and farmers to have full and timely access to the Party's guidelines and policies and the laws of the State, as well as of the localities.  

In addition, all levels of the Union actively participated with the government, the Fatherland Front and unions to organize the successful conciliation of over 40,307 cases such as: Land disputes ; civil disputes; family conflict ...At the same time, all levels of the Union have directly handled over 2,420 applications and letters; have coordinated with local authorities to handle 5,070 applications and letters.

In addition, at the reception points monthly, all levels of the Union have actively coordinated with the authorities and functional departments to participate in 94,520 citizen reception turns. During these turns, 89,370 applications were received and the Union coordinated to handle 31,102 letters of authority.
Implementing Decision 217 of the Politburo, the Standing Central Committee of the VNFU issued Plan 296 on the implementation of the social supervision and criticism; Plan No. 298 on the supervision, participation in the prevention and control of production and trading of fake and poor quality fertilizers and plant protection chemicals, for the implementation in the entire system of the Union.

In addition to actively propagating through the contents of news and articles, drafting a lot of reports reflecting the activities of the social supervision and criticism and the supervision of agricultural materials of all levels of the Union in the media, such as Today's Rural Newspaper; New Rural Magazine; Farmers’ Union Portal ... The Union also regularly focuses on listening to the feedback and aspirations of its members and farmers in the North, Central and South regarding the fertilizer market; proposes recommendations to competent agencies for the consideration and handling of violations in the implementation of undertakings and policies of the Party and State laws on the agricultural and rural development.

The Central Committee of the Union has also edited and published 5,500 copies of the Supervision Guidance Manual; more than 13,000 leaflets propagated the provisions of the law on the management of agricultural materials to the Union’ establishments for training, propaganda and research. It has organized 14 training courses on professional skills of social supervision and criticism, methods of monitoring agricultural materials in 7 provinces including: Ha Giang, Bac Giang, Thai Binh, Binh Phuoc, Lam Dong, Long An, An Giang to nearly 1,500 Union officials.

In addition, the Central Committee has also contributed opinions to many documents of the Party and the State such as the Draft Amendment of the Charter of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee; Law on Cultivation; Law on Animal Husbandry; draft of the project regarding the citizen reception of the head of the people's committee at the request of the Party Central Committee's Internal Affairs Department ... In particular, many critical reviews have been acknowledged and appreciated by all levels and sectors.

Implementing Decision 218 of the Politburo, all levels of the Union have developed a plan and participated in contributing to building the Party and the government. As a result, there have been over 12,200 ideas for building the Party and building the government through contributing ideas regarding: The Party's guidelines and policies, the laws of the State; Resolutions of the Party Committees at all levels; Decisions, policies related to the agriculture, farmers, rural areas ...

The introduction of the establishment and implementation of DR at the grassroots levels into the activities and routine of the Union has made the Union's organization more and more consolidated, developed and has allowed its reputation to increase and the attraction of a large number of farmers to the Union. Thus, the activities of the Union at all levels were increasingly effective; At the same time, the role and position of the Union are highly appreciated by the Party Committees and local authorities, trusted by numerous members and farmers.
Ngoc Anh - Translated by Hoa Mai
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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