Bac Lieu: Actively developing new rural areas
15:38 - 11/11/2019
Over the past ten years, Farmers’ Union (FU) at all levels have organized 16,400 dissemination on the Party's guidelines and the State's policies in implementing the National Target Programme on the New Rural Development, which focus on implementing 19 criteria of New Rural Development and 15 criteria of new rural families for 297,200 turns of officials, members and farmers.

All level FUs have focused on directing the implementation of the National Target Programme on the New Rural Development with many achievements

Besides, FUs and mass organizations participated in dissemination and distributed 6,300 leaflets on 15 criteria of new rural families to 18,325 households (accounting for 99.6%); organized 607 meetings with 26,783 turns of officials, members, farmers in the area.
Under the direction and leadership of the Provincial FU Standing Committee, all level FUs have actively directed officials, members, farmers to well perform the campaign; promptly conveyed the contents, guidelines and plans on implementing the Resolution to officials, members and farmers; solved pressing issues at the grassroots level; provided information on concerning issues of the people, timely grasped the ideological situation, problems arising of the people to direct timely find solution. Besides, the movement on new rural development has been promoted in all fields.
Along with the implementation of dissemination and mobilization of members, farmers for new rural development, all level FUs have collaborated with the functional sector to organize 2,232 training courses on technology transfer for 69,192 members, farmers; coordinated with Bank for social policy to lend over 3,750 households 377,099 million VND for their production development. In addition, the Provincial FU invested over 100 projects from the Supporting Fund for Farmers of VNFU and the province for 1,200 members and farmers; The Center for Supporting Farmers and Vocational Training organized 118 vocational training courses for 2,596 turns of rural workers. After accomplishing the courses, most farmers have applied their knowledge into their lives and works effectively.
In the coming time, all level FUs will focus on restructuring production, changing plants and animals, linking "four houses" to support members and farmers with the agricultural products trading.

Thu Ha - Translated by Hong Linh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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