Ninh Binh: Applying technology to change production practices
17:26 - 17/12/2019

In Ninh Binh province, Vietnam Farmers' Union (VNFU) in coordinatiton with Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) organized a meeting to access the results of the Joint Program of he two sides in 2019.

Attending the meeting were leader representatives of VNFU, MOST, representatives of Department of Science and Technology and FUs of 31 Northern provinces and cities.
Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Luong Quoc Doan – 1st Vice Chairman of VNFU Executive Committee shared that the cooperation program between VNFU and MOST in the past year has been comprehensively implemented from propaganda and dissemination of technological advances to training farmers, building models of applying science and technology for farmers, implementing rural
Along with propaganda activities, VNFU also organized a contest for farmers' creativity. By the end of 2019, the Organization Committee of the contest has attracted hundreds of innovative and technical solutions of farmers which are very diverse and highly applicable in practice.

1st Vice Chairman Lương Quốc Đoàn (center) visiting the agricultural booth at Sông Vân safe agricultural store in Ninh Bình on December 12 (photo: Nguyễn Hằng)
Mr. Doan added that in order to improve the effectiveness of the propaganda to a large number of officials and farmer members, VNFU has built two model projects on biosafety pig breeding and vegetable production using probiotics and trading following value chain over the past year.
Accordingly, provincial and city FUs have cooperated with Departments of Science and Technology, scientists, agricultural enterprises to combine propaganda with building demonstration models at the grassroots level, which has brought many good results.
"By building the models, it helps farmers to see, listen, practise by themselves with full information recording, enabling a lot of people to visit and learn experiences from the models” affirmed Mr. Doan.
In the coming time, FUs at all levels need to mobilize, guide, encourage and support farmers to attract them to actively participate in the application of scientific and technological achievements in accordance with local reality into farmers doing good production and business emulation movement, movement of solidarity to help each other get rich for sustainable poverty reduction... ".
1st Vice-Chairman of VNFU Luong Quoc Doan
As a result, in the recent years, FUs in provinces and cities organized 15,821 propaganda in many different forms such as meeting, field seminars, demonstration models with 1,992,296 participants; hundreds of technical and technological innovations of farmers.
In which, 56 provinces and cities built 2,475 models with 21,274 million dong such as: Organic rice production model, vegetable and food cultivation based on VietGAP, GlobalGAP and oganic orientations…
"To present, the cooperation program between VNFU and MOST has brought significant economic benefits to its members and farmers households who are directly involved in the projects in all 63 provinces and cities. In particular, the application of high technology into production has also helped to change the production structure in the regions; gradually changed the small, fragmented and spontaneous production practice mindset of the farmers to larger-scale production based on value chain "- confirmed Mr. Doan.
Mr. Dinh Hong Thai - Chairman of Ninh Binh provincial FU stated that up to the moment, all levels of FUs in the province together with Department of Science and Technology have collaborated with other relevant agencies to organize over 570 training courses, scientific and technical transfer with many practical contents for more than 57,000 officials and farmer members; built over 300 models of safe food production and trading.
Encouraging and supporting farmers
In order to maintain and promote the movement of technical innovations in the field of agriculture and rural areas, Mr. Thai suggested that in the coming time, the science industry should be interested in investing with funding support from the scientific career to the FUs so that they can apply and develop models of applying science and technology.
Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hau, Director of provincial Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology said that after 1 year of implementing the cooperation program, a positive change has been made in all aspects with the goals and tasks implemented, which contributes to actively participate in successfully implementing the country's socio-economic development goals and creating clean agricultural products with high quality for trading and export
Mr. Doan also informed that in the coming time, the FUs and the Department of Science and Technology of the provinces and cities would continue to organize propaganda on the goals and contents of the coordination program to scientific and technology organizations and individuals, officials and farmer members at all levels.
For more effective implementation of the program, the provinces and cities need to continue to adding activities based on the practical situation to regularly propagate widely to members and farmers about the role of sciences and technology in socio-economic development.

Tran Quang - Nguyen Hang - Translated by Hong Linh
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