Farmers' Union officials must be closer to farmers
10:25 - 10/12/2019

It was emphasized by Mr. Thao Xuan Sung - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Vietnam Farmers' Union (VNFU) in the meeting to hand over the VNFU works and farmer’s movements in Emulation  Cluster 1 in 2019 in Yên Bái province on December 06.



Farmers are more attached to the FU
Accessing on the results of FU works and farmer's movements in Cluster 1, Mr. Hao Xuan Sung affirmed that in the past years, the FU had focused on propaganda, education and ideological politics for officials and farmer members, ... In addition, the building and strengthening the FU have been focused and developed on the quality of members, the quality of living expenses, FU effective operations in a practical direction. The inspection and supervision continued to be concerned by all levels of VNFU, thereby discovering good models and good practices to propagate and replicate and to rectify and remove difficulties as well,… 

Leaders of FUs in 8 provinces and cities of emulation cluster 1 visited cinnamon cooperative in Dao Thinh commune, Tran Yen district (Yen Bai). Photo: Hoang Huu

In particular, the emulation movements launched by VNFU with the focus on the movement of farmers with good production and business emulation, solidarity to help each other get rich and get sustainable poverty reduction continued to be promoted by FUs at all levels. Many good farmers are creative and bold in applying scientific and technical advances into their production...

Gradually organizing well service activities, consultancy, vocational training, support for farmers, strengthening coordination with enterprises to provide agricultural materials and fertilizers to farmers in the form of deferred payment; the capital source of Supporting Fund for Farmers at all level and programs in coordination with banks has been promoted and developed, actively contributing to job creation, raising incomes for farmer members.

Despite many achievements, the leader of VNFU also pointed out many limitations such as the implementation of the Resolution of the Seventh Congress of VNFU and 3 thematic Resolutions (Resolution 04, Resolution 05, Resolution 06) being mainly new at the very first step. Along with that, the direction, guidance and support for members and farmers are not specific; advisory for the Party committee in some local areas is limited ...

Chairman Thao Xuan Sung requested the FUs at all levels in the province to continue to pay more attention on the training for the specialized officials in the union work and the farmer’s movements. “The direction and operation of FU officials must closely meet the production needs of members, farmers. Leaders of FUs at all levels must regularly get close to the reality and close to farmers” stated Mr. Sung.

 "We must immediately stop receiving leaders and union officials sat in cold rooms with their feet under the table, far from reality, so that the directing and operating closely met the production needs of members, farmers, officials and leaders. Leaders of all levels of the Association must regularly get close to the reality and close to farmers ... "- Mr. Hao Xuan Sung emphasized.

Implementation of important solutions

Sharing with the delegation, Mr. Giang A Cau - Chairman of Yen Bai provincial FU said that in recent years, Yen Bai FU at all level has built 45 models of production or business associated with cooperatives, cooperative groups, 163 activities of advisory services, support for members and farmers.

Sharing about the new ways of in FU works in their localities, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Cam Phuong - Chairman of Hoa Binh provincial FU said that to avoid "a buffalo, 5 persons report," in recent years , provincial FU went into practice to implement practical models in the farmer’s movements and developing new rural areas. To now, all levels of Hoa Binh have directly built 11 models of new rural residential areas, model gardens of 11 districts and cities ...

Emphasis on duties in 2020, Chairman Thao Xuan Sung NDVN said that 2020 would be the year of construction strong and clean VNFU so we must focus on five important tasks.

Firstly, FUs at all levels must focus on implementing 3 Resolutions including the Resolution on promoting the development of Profession Groups; Resolution on strengthening the development, management and improvement of VNFU membership; Resolution on improving the quality of the officials to meet requirements and tasks in the new situation.

Secondly, FUs at all levels need to preside and coordinate with specialized agencies and partners to support and guide farmer members to develop production models along the value chain.

Thirdly, FUs at all levels must continue to organize propaganda and mobilize members and farmers not to use plastic waste and not to discharge garbage into rivers and streams. FUs at all levels need to coordinate with local authorities in communes and villages to develop conventions on this issue to solve it thoroughly.

Fourthly, continuing to renew propaganda and advocacy for building new rural areas and focusing on building green, clean, beautiful, civilized and modern villages.

Fifthly, FUs at all levels need to continue to promote and build brands for agricultural products and specialties in the localities.

Sixth, provincial FUs continue to coordinate with People's Committee of the provinces and cities to review, adjust, supplement and complete the planning of fruit tree production areas in the direction of increasing product value along the value chain.

Tran Quang - Translated by My Linh
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