Vietnam Farmers’ Union participate in building a civilized and modern rural society
10:34 - 30/12/2019
On December 27, in Hanoi, Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) organized the Workshop “Vietnam Farmers’ Union participate in building a civilized and modern rural society”. Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the VNFU Party Committee, Chairman of VNFU’s  Executive Committee Mr. Thao Xuan Sung attended and chaired the conference.
Promoting the key role of VNFU
At the opening speech, VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung affirmed that, on instilling in Ho Chi Minh's thought, guidelines and policies of the Party, in recent years, VNFU has been proactive and positive with the related ministries and branches, localities to implement many programs and projects, launch patriotic emulation movements, contributing to rural society with much innovation and development.

 VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung and delegates exchanged and discussed outside the conference recess. (Photo taken by: Thu Ha)
Average income per capita per year in rural areas in 2018 increased by 2.78 times compared to 2010. The proportion of poor rural households decreased rapidly from 17.35% in 2010 (according to the old criteria) to 7.03% in 2018 according to the multi-dimensional poverty criteria. It’s getting increased for rural people to get access to much better services of health, education, culture, sports as well as greener, cleaner and nicer living environment.

However, besides the achieved results, rural society also revealed many contradictions and conflicts such as gender equality, employment, food safety, environmental pollution...

In the context that our country is getting increasingly deep integration into the world economy and the Industrial Revolution 4.0, it is assumed that there are still many challenges to rural society today.
VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung said that, in the new context, the human factor is the decisive factor, farmers must be the subjects in the new situation with the relationship between "6 stakeholders". “It requires us - the people who lead Vietnamese farmers to continue studying and resolving bottlenecks so that farmers can realize their new aspirations. That is the development towards "Agricultural prosperity - Wealthy Farmers - Civilized Rural" – Mr. Sung emphasized.

Forming a modern farmer model
Sharing experiences of building new rural areas in Ha Tinh province, Mr. Bui Nhan Sam - Chairman of Ha Tinh Farmers’ Union said: “Being assigned the core task by the province to participate in the construction of model gardens and new rural residential areas, Ha Tinh Farmers’ Union has taken many effective ways. The provincial Union has conducted propaganda in many ways, come to each lane to knock each house to organize advocacy, comments, direction, support for members in production planning. With specific methods, up to now, all levels of Ha Tinh Farmers’ Union have directly mobilized, supported, renovated and embellished 407,000 mixed gardens and household gardens; built more than 4,700 model gardens, over 2,280 new rural residential models ”.

Quang Ninh is the first locality in the country to effectively implement the program "One commune, one product" (OCOP). Mr. Dao Thanh Luong - Chairman of Quang Ninh Farmer's Union shared: “With the role in representing farmer households which directly participate in producing OCOP products, Quang Ninh Farmer's Union focused on implementing measures to support farmers to develop production and business. Up to date, Quang Ninh province has 167 enterprises, cooperatives, production households and 421 OCOP products”.

Appreciating the role of VNFU at all levels in building new rural areas with many effective and practical activities, Mr. Ngo Tat Thang - Deputy Chief of Office of New rural development coordination, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said that it was necessary to promote furthermore the role of VNFU at all levels in the implementation of the Program in general and in building advanced rural areas, rural models.
VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung said that, in the new context, eventually, human factor is considered as the deciding factor. Accordingly, farmers must be the subjects in the new situation with the relationship between "6 stakeholders".
“New rural development of all levels of VNFU need to focus on implementing activities in the following 5 content areas. These are rural economic development, organizing activities to support farmers' economic development and other forms of collective economy in agriculture. In particular, it needs paying special attention to mobilizing and supporting farmers to develop agriculture along the direction of increasing production value through renewing production methods, restructuring crop and livestock structure to meet market demands and focusing on the quality of agricultural products, developing organic agriculture ... "- Mr. Thang expressed.

According to Dr. Dang Kim Khoi - Institute of Policy and Strategy for Rural Development: in the context of our country's integration into the “Industry 4.0” world, farmers in the period of industrialization, modernization and international integration must be farmers with advanced knowledge of science and technology; must be skilled in agricultural production; use of foreign languages, skills on using computer, informatics and public services, knowledge of international integration. Especially, they have a close, positive association in production and business not only between farmers and farmers, but also with the State, scientists, businesses and foreign organizations and individuals.

Concluding at the workshop, VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung highly appreciated all the shared opinions and discussions of the delegates. Chairman Thao Xuan Sung said that the contributions of the delegates at the workshop will be selected by VNFU as the base for building activities, successfully implementing the Resolution of the 7th Congress of VNFU for the term of 2018 – 2023.

Thu Ha - Translated by Thu Phuong
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