VNFU Chairman: Being active, creative, making efforts to support farmers
17:35 - 20/01/2020

It was directed by Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of VNFU Party Committee, Chairman of VNFU Executive Committee at the 4th Session of VNFU Executive Committee Tenure VII, held on January 16, 2020 in Hanoi.

3 main keywords in VNFU activities
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung stated that VNFU has thoroughly grasped and concretized 3 Resolution 04, 05, 06 of VNFU into specific actions, which brings practical benefits to farmer members in 2019. In particular, implementing Resolution 04 on the development of profession farmer groups and branches, FUs at all level have established 252 new profession farmer branches and 2,469 profession farmer groups who are operating effectively, steps by steps formed a "3 in 1 branches": FU, cooperative, enterprise.

Implementing Resolution 05 on strengthening the development, management and improvement of membership quality, FUs at all levels have promoted the development of new members, expanded the target subjects, members, diversified forms, gathered, attracted members, actively renewed the contents and ways of operation in a practical and effective way associated with its production and lives, bringing practical benefits to members. In 2019, all levels FUs have admitted 295,843 members, the quality of members has been raised and members are increasingly attached to FU organization...
 Chairman Thao Xuan Sung (left) giving emulation flags to FUs at provinces and cities with outstanding achievements in the VNFU activities and farmer movement in 2019. (photo: P.V)
Chairman Thao Xuan Sung affirmed: “The theme of VNFU activities in 2020 is to develop profession farmer groups and branches; improve the quality of officials and members; take initiatives, be creative and start-up for a prosperous agricultural development, wealthy farmer, civilized and modern countryside. These are the three main "key words" and three key tasks that VNFU at all levels need to focus for good implementation in 2020".

Chairman Thao Xuan Sung emphasized that the 4th Session of VNFU Executive Committee Tenure VII was to deploy key task groups and solutions to implement the targets and Resolution of the 7th Congress in 2020.

Therefore, in the spirit of raising the responsibility to all officials, members and farmers throughout the country, all delegates should promote their intelligence and follow the motto "Democracy, solidarity, innovation, integration and development", focusing on thorough and profound analysis, confirming the results and achievements in 2019 and adding limitations, shortcomings, weaknesses clarifying the causes in VNFU activities and agricultural movement. people in the past year to learn from experience and resolve to overcome difficulties; striving to create many breakthroughs in the activities and farmer movements, well fulfilling objectives and tasks set out in the direction of benefiting farmers, helping farmers to choose growth models in accordance with local conditions, creating good base for the coming years in order to well fulfill the targets and tasks set out in the Resolution of the 7th Congress. Thereby, the role of VNFU in the Party, the State and the peasantry would be enhanced more and more.

Under the direction of Chairman Thao Xuan Sung, the delegates focused on discussing and finalizing the important contents set out at Session.

14 targets for emulation in 2020
At the Session, Mr. Luong Quoc Doan, 1st Vice-Chairman of VNFU presented a summary report on the results of the VNFU activities and the farmer movement in 2019, directions and tasks for 2020.
In the session, 29 FUs at province and city level achieved the title of excellent unit, 13 provincial and city FUs received certificates of merit from the VNFU Executive. VNFU also awarded emulation flags to 17 provincial and city FUs with outstanding achievements in the FU works and farmer movement in 2019.
Accordingly, 2019 is the first year to implement the Resolution of the 7th Congress of VNFU, the leadership and direction of VNFU Executive Committee at various levels has many innovations, concentration, closeness to the grass root level; good completion of the targets and tasks of the VNFU activities and farmer movement...

VNFU Standing Committee directed to organize 04 conferences to thoroughly grasp and study the Resolution of the 7th National Congress of VNFU, tenure 2018-2023 at VNFU head office and 3 regions nationwide; establish Provincial, District and Commune FU Inspection Committee for the term 2018-2023; set up 6 Steering Committees of 6 Emulation Clusters on VNFU activities and farmer movement. VNFU also issued 3 Resolutions on building a strong and clean VNFU organization.

The position of VNFU has been well shown as a central and core agent for farmer movements. The core role of farmers in the development of new rural areas and representative role of FU in the improvement of material and spiritual life, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of farmer members continue to be promoted.

Reporting on the results of VNFU Inspection Committee, Chairman Nguyen Thi Van Anh affired that the Committee organized and joined the inspection teams of VNFU Standing Committee in 25 provinces and cities, developed inspection plan in 2019 and conducted tests in 6 provinces of Hung Yen, Lao Cai, Dien Bien, Bac Giang, An Giang and Tra Vinh.

The content of the was focused on the compliance with VNFU Charter; the thorough organization and implementation of the Resolution of the 7th VNFU Congress, 3 Resolutions of VNFU on building a clean and strong FU; the implementation of targets, tasks and farmer movements in 2019 ... The results of the inspection teams show that VNFU at all levels have focused on directing and organizing the comprehensive implementation of the tasks, FU works and farmer movement in 2019.

In 2020, VNFU has set out 14 major emulation targets including: Admitting 240,000 new members; 100% of FU branches can set up their operation fund; 21,182 officials of FU and FU branches are trained on skills and methods of FU works; at least 60% of farmer households register to strive and at least 50% of them achieve the title of farmers doing good production and business at all levels; VNFU Supporting Fund for Farmers’ growth is over 10% per year; 2,685 commune FU lead, consult, support to develop at least 1 cooperative group and 323 cooperatives...

At the meeting, Chairman Thao Xuan Sung launched an emulation in 2020 to promote the spirit of "Democracy - Solidarity - Innovation - Integration - Development" of the officials in construction of the profession farmer branches and profession farmer groups, improve the quality of officials, farmer members, take initiative and startup for a prosperous agricultural development, wealthy farmer, modern and civilized countryside. The Chairman requested the Standing Committee and Chairman of FUs at provinces and cities to directly orient and concretize the Party's directives and resolutions, the State's policies and laws and the FU’s Resolutions on the implementation of key tasks in 2020.

Thu Ha - Translated by Thu Phuong
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