“VNFU youth proudly moving forward under the Party’s flag”
11:33 - 25/02/2020
On February 24, 2020, in Hanoi, Standing Committee of VNFU Youth Union organized a workshop “Reviewing of Youth Union work and youth movement in 2019, deploying tasks and plan in 2020”.

Dr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Party Central Committee, member of VNFU Party Committee, Chairman of  VNFU acknowledge the achievements of VNFU Youth Union

Attending and directing the meeting were Dr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of VNFU Party Committee, VNFU Chairman, Mr. Tran Manh Hoai, Standing Deputy Secretary, leader representative of the Youth Union of the Central Public Agencies. Besides, Executive members of VNFU Youth Union, Secretary, Deputy Secretary of Youth Unions under VNFU Youth Union and all of VNFU Youth Union members.

Most of the ideas of Youth Union members were focused on analyzing and assessing the strengths and shortcomings that the Youth Union should be concerned about in the future. The young also proposed to have more opportunities to participate in training to improve their knowledge systematically and methodically. At the same time, the Youth Union also needed to regularly operate its organization through specific and practical topics to attract the Union members and young people of VNFU.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Thao Xuan Sung was delighted and acknowledged the achievements of VNFU Youth Union in recent years. He affirmed that the force of young, crowded, enthusiastic and creative people, the “golden” period of VNFU was in a very favorable condition to be trained, educated as a potential contingent officials.

Therefore, young people also needed to develop themselves, equip themselves with knowledge and strive to choose the way to perfect themselves. “I desire that Youth Union members will promote their youth full of creativity and enthusiasm, study voluntarily to improve their skills, strengthen their closeness to grassroots and the countryside. In addition, if there is no coordination and cohesion among Youth Unions under VNFU Youth Union, among VNFU Youth Union and ones of other relevant organizations in implementing the activities, if there is no external relation activities…, there will not be success of the Union. VNFU Youth Union should continue to innovate both in content and mode of operation in order to meet the requirements of the new situation, in which, focus on building a clean Youth Union organization and a truly typical young groups” emphasized Dr. Thao Xuan Sung.

Recently, the Standing Committee of VNFU Party Committee and VNFU Chairman have always been interested, regularly led and directed VNFU Youth Union. Besides, the close guidance of the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Youth Union of the Central Public Agencies has also supported VNFU Youth Union movements with many outstanding results.
Participants are attending review meeting on VNFU Youth Union work and youth movements in 2019

The promotion of voluntary spirit has attracted a large number of union members and young people with its various contents and missions which are increasingly in depth, being the training environment of youth with specific activities such as: donating and volunteering activities in collaboration with Committee for Ethnic Minorities to present gifts to 110 disadvantaged students in Son La province, support Hang Dong C commune preschools with budget to consolidate their material activities…
Moreover, the Youth Unions under VNFU Youth Union actively developed their plans and volunteering programs to volunteer for the community. Typically, the Youth Union of Today Rural Newspaper organized dental examinations, dispensed medicine, donated free trees and breeds to nearly 600 pupils and poor farmers in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, held “the 11th Today Rural Newspaper Tournament for the Spring Cup of 2019” with the participation of 16 teams from different press agencies…
Regarding the qualification of the Union members, the number of members graduating from Master Program kept increasing every year, bringing the total number of Master members to 27. Many union members were sent to participate in exchange activities with international youth ... Many elite members who are in the process of further training continue to strive to be considered for the Party admission. Through the annual evaluation and classification of Party members, 100% of Union members who are Party members was of good or higher rank, stating the efforts in the work and striving for training of Union members. Many union members were awarded certificates of merit by VNFU Party Committee.
2020 is the year of many important holidays and events of the country, the Party, and VNFU such as the 90th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 03, 1930 - February 03, 2020), 130th  anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s birth (May 19, 1890 - May 19, 2020), 75th anniversary of the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (September 2, 1945 - September 2, 2020); 90th founding anniversary of VNFU (October 14, 1930 - 14 October 2020), 89th founding anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (March 26, 1931 - March 26, 2020) ... This is also the year of the Party Congress at all levels towards the 13th National Party Congress.
Following the direction and orientation of the Youth Union of the Central Public Agencies and the Standing Committee of VNFU Party Committee, based on the actual situation and political duties, the Standing Committee of VNFU Youth Union will deploy the Youth Union working program and youth movement in 2020 with the theme "VNFU Youth proudly moving forward under the Party’s flag" with specific content and targets.
For instance, each affiliated Youth Union has at least 01 activity to contribute ideas to the document of the Party Congress at all levels; 100% of affiliated Youth Union deploys, urges their members and young people to study and grasp thoroughly the Party's Directives and Resolutions, the State's legal policies, Directives and Resolutions of VNFU and higher-level Youth Union; striving to have at least 01 work as a part of the youth to celebrate the Party Congress at all levels; planting at least 500 trees; striving to have at least 01 scientific research project, 01- 03 initiatives undertaken by the youth or Youth Union…

Minh Anh - Translated by Hong Linh
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