The Corona virus (nCoV) resulted in great economic losses for farmers of Ca Mau city
15:42 - 28/02/2020
(VNFU Portal) At present, Ca Mau City consists of 11,184 members, farmers and more than 13,500 hectares of aquaculture land of all kinds, mainly for farming shrimp, crab, eel and marble goby.  However, the pandemic of acute respiratory tract infections caused by new strain of Corona virus (nCoV) resulted in great economic losses for farmers.


Being the locality with the largest area for farming ​​shrimp and crab in Ca Mau City with a total area of ​​2,234 hectares, 90% of the population invests in aquaculture for their living.  After the Lunar New Year, everywhere in Hoa Thanh Commune, people talked about the crab price fall.
Mr. Ho Hai Ly, resident of Tan Hung B Hamlet, Hoa Thanh Commune has 3 hectares of extensive culture of crab showed his sadness. In the same period last year, the price of paste crab ranges from VND 500,000 to VND 600,000 / kg; price of Y crab ranges from VND 300,000 to VND 340,000 / kg.

However, the current price of paste crabs bought by traders is at VND 250,000 / kg, while Y crabs is sold at VND 170.000-190,0000 / kg.  The small-sized crabs are sold at only a few dozen thousand / kg. Traders even do not buy them. With the current low prices of shrimps crabs, Mr. Ly will reduce the quantity and extend the interval of cultivating breeds for being more secured.
With 1 hectare for shrimp and crab farming, every day Ms. Dang Thi Nhien, residing at Tan Trung Hamlet, Hoa Thanh Commune has shrimps and crabs sold to traders.  However, crab prices were too cheap these days, so she decided not to sell them and for her family use.

Ms. Dang Thi Nhien added: After Lunar New Year, on the 3rd and 4th day of Lunar January, traders did not buy crabs so  I had to postpone.  The crab prices have never been reduced to one-third cosmpared to previous years. Till the suitable time, we must harvest them or they will die.  Farmers here only hope that the pandemic will pass quickly for them to sell crab and shrimp at the same price as before.

In addition to its 1,379 members and farmers whose income is significantly affected, in Hoa Thanh Commune, more than 100 traders, 15 wholesalers of seafood are also affected by the pandemic.

Trader Nguyen Van Binh, at Tan Hoa Hamlet, Hoa Thanh Commune has more than 20 years of buying shrimps and crabs but has never seen such low price.
Due to low price, the farmers did not earnestly harvest the crabs, so the weighted quantity of crabs is reduced in half compared to before Lunar New Year. At that time, every day Mr. Binh weighs 100 kg of shrimp and 30 kg of crab but now quantity and price are greatly reduced, shared Mr. Binh.
Mr. Le Van Tai, Chairman of the Farmers’ Union of Hoa Thanh Commune said: Due to the impact of acute respiratory infections caused by new strain of Corona virus, the trade at border gates is difficult, making crab unable to export to Chinese market but only traded domestically.  Crab prices are reduced more than a half compared to the same period last year.  Crabs are only for domestic consumption.  Shrimp prices have decreased but not significantly because shrimp price does not depend entirely on Chinese market.

As for Tan Thanh Commune, where is considered as the center of eel and goby farming, is also suffered greatly from the acute respiratory disease caused by new strain of Corona virus (nCoV).  Currently, the export routes are tightened, so the seafood export is facing difficulties.
The whole commune currently has 234 hectares for goby and eels farming of over 200 households.  From the time prior to Lunar New Yera, traders rarely buy fish.  If they buy, they are also choosy with low prices.

Currently, the price of eel sees a decrease but not too much, ranging from VND 380,000 to VND 400,000 / kg, particularly marble goby’s price fell about VND 100,000/ kg at from VND 250,000 to VND 280,000 for type weighted 1 kg or more - Chairman of Farmers’ Union of Tan Thanh Commune, Ho Quoc Trang said.

According to the Commune’s review, the current quantity of fish in farmers’ ponds is still high.  In the long term, the Union at al levels should continue to mobilize members, farmers to maintain the farming, take care of the remaining fishes and wait for the pandemic to be less serious for price recovery;  Absolutely not widen the farming area.

In the situation of current low seafood price, Chairman of Farmers’ Union of Ca Mau City Nguyen Lung Lang said that, in the immediate future, Farmers’ Union of City shall direct Farmers’ Union at communes and wards to enhance the propaganda and encourage farmers to overcome immediate difficulties, protect and take care of domestic animals, waiting for the pandemic to pass. The farmers absolutely should not panic affecting the agricultural economy of the city.

Bich Le translated by My Linh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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